Dr McGirr takes in Tumut talk

Phyllis Dowling talks to Dr McGirr

Brumbies, mental health services, the Tumut Hospital and council were among the hot topics when Wagga MP Dr Joe McGirr met with the people in Tumut on Saturday.

Dr McGirr set up in Wynyard Street on Saturday morning and the people took turns to discuss issues with him.

“People have taken the opportunity to come down and it means they didn’t have to go to Wagga to raise issues with me,” he said.

“It’s a bit like an outreach clinic. People brought material for me to look at; they obviously planned to come; they saw the ad in the paper.

“Interestingly enough the issues that have come up, have been the Brumbies, and there have been a range of views on that. People seem to be aware of the need for them to be controlled, and people realise the importance of preserving the National Park.”

Dr McGirr himself believes there needs to be a better management plan.

“My concern with the current plan is that it is not enough to protect the park,” he said.

Mental health services were also discussed.

“Access to services (in the Tumut-Snowy Valleys region) is something I will be looking into,” he said.

Members of the Adelong Progress Association spoke to Dr McGirr about their concerns about projects in Adelong.

“They are concerned that the Adelong Creek Walkway project will not be completed by the time it’s required to be completed in terms of the funding, and they did express a lot of frustration about the communication process with council.”

“I will be talking to council about the project and I will meet with the Progress Association in the next couple of weeks and explore those issues. I think there’s great opportunities for Adelong.”

These were the main issues that came up, and Dr McGirr said he was pleased with the vibes he experienced in Tumut, with many wishing him well for election day on March 23.

“I personally got positive vibes,” he said.

“The reason for being here is this idea of trying to connect to the electorate, so that people have access to the government, and it actually worked pretty well.”

Dr McGirr said he believed it would be a tight election.

“Certainly the National Party are putting in a pretty big effort,” he said.

“We are seeing visits from ministers and a lot of campaign resources being put in. I think this is one of the benefits of being a seat that’s changed hands, and I think it’s a good thing, and boy it has really livened up the local political debate.”