Dragons may only field first grade and leaguetag sides

The Temora Dragons may only send out a first grade and leaguetag team in the 2020 Group 9 competition.

The potential return of Group 9 in 2020 isn’t necessarily sitting well with all clubs, with the Temora Dragons facing one of their leanest years on record.

The famous club boasts arguably the richest rugby league history of any town involved in Group 9, yet may only enter two teams in the competition this year.

Club representative Mark Hughes highlighted the current plight on the club, hinting that depth was the biggest killer. 

“We would get a first grade side and a leaguetag side but I think we will struggle with the other teams, we had already forfeited our under 16s this year,” Hughes said.

“We had a lack of depth to start with, and now players will question whether it is worth playing and I can’t see us putting in a reserve grade team either.

“The under 18s will be hit and miss, we could possibly scrape together a team but it wouldn’t be easy.”

Hughes hopes the current situation improves for the sake of the club and said that there was a strong junior team ready to join the senior ranks next year.

“I hope it is just a one-off year, where we are just off a little with numbers,” Hughes said.

“It is very rare that we can’t field both of our younger teams and we do have a team coming through next year for the 16s that won the grand final last year, so that is a good sign.”

As far as first grade, Hughes predicts the Dragons will be competitive, while the leaguetag team made the grand final last year, so some success could still very well be on the cards.

“We will have a first grade team and it will be a pretty good one,” Hughes said.

“We might not have the depth but we have some good players.”

The Dragons hadn’t officially discussed any return to training, and similar to other clubs in the competition, they were waiting from more direction from Group 9 and NSWRL.

“No, we are not training, we have been told we are not allowed to and we know there are people doing their own thing but we have avoided any official sessions,” Hughes said.

“Committee wise, we haven’t decided anything yet, we are just waiting and I think the first of June is the date everyone is sweating on.