Drink driving warning

Police have reported a slight spike in drink driving offences of late, including a couple of drivers booked for mid-range PCA within 24 hours on Sunday.

At 9am during police breath testing on Fitzroy Street Tumut, a local man allegedly returned a positive mobile breath test.

The man was conveyed to Tumut Police station where the result was allegedly confirmed, with the man charged with a mid-range PCA offense.

His licence was suspended on the spot and he is due to appear in Tumut court in May.

Later that day, at 11.30pm a 42-year-old Tumut man was stopped at the intersection of Lambie and Wynyard Street, returning a positive test.

He too was taken to Tumut Police Station registering a mid-range PCA, before his license was suspended and a court date set for May.

Another Tumut man was changed with a PCA offence on Wednesday March 9 after highway patrol stopped a 30-year-old P-Plater on East and Currawong Streets.

The man was charged with special range PCA, after registering between 0.02 and 0.05, despite P-Platers having a legal limit of zero.

Sergeant Bryan Hammond said it appears the region is experiencing a boost in drink-driving offenders.

“We have seen a bit of a spike at the moment. It tends to be people who’ve drunk the night before, they might feel fine and think they’re right to drive but the alcohol is still in their system,” he said.

“A recent one we had was a man who’d been at a local license premise for a big night, he stopped drinking at about 1am, and eight nine hours later he thought he was right to drive, but he wasn’t.”

Sergeant Hammond said if alcohol is in someone’s system their driving is impaired, reminding locals by driving the morning after a big night they risk endangering lives as well as criminal charges.