Duck earns NSW Country honours

Piper Duck has been selected to play for the NSW Country Corellas later this month. Photo: NSW Waratahs.

Piper Duck has been rewarded for her breakout season with Sydney University in the Jack Scott Cup, with selection in the NSW Country team that will take on NSW City in the Chikarovski Cup at Sydney and Bathurst later this month. 

Playing 15s rugby, Duck has continued to excel, and is looking forward to the chance to play for Country and represent Tumut and her region. 

“I was really happy because I have moved to Sydney and I never really got the opportunity to play for country and it’s kind of nice to have that chance,” Duck said. 

“It’s especially good for us players that have moved to Sydney to pursue our careers.”

Duck said playing in Sydney and still representing NSW Country was important to the next generation of rugby players, who could potentially follow the same path. 

“Hopefully this can be a platform for these little girls at home who see us playing, and it’s good to remember where you are from and why you are playing,” Duck said.  

The opportunity to play with and against the best women rugby players NSW has to offer isn’t lost on Duck either, who will be using the opportunity to further enhance her credentials to Australian selectors. 

“I think for everyone, especially with the Covid pandemic, this is such a good opportunity,” Duck said. 

“Some players haven’t had a chance to play or perform to be picked in other teams, and this will be an awesome platform for a lot of women to showcase some awesome rugby and it will prove that we are putting in the work while the pandemic has been happening.”

Duck, who will have a busy end to 2020 with development camps and Wallaroos commitments, recently won the Jack Scott Cup with Sydney University doing away with Randwick 22-17 in their decider on October 17. 

“I was very lucky to play in the Jack Scott Cup and winning the final was awesome,” Duck said.  

“I really enjoyed it, especially playing 15s, I am still getting used to it and this is the first team I have been a part of the whole season.

“To win a grand final, with a bunch of girls who I consider my family up here is really nice.”

Randwick did test the unbeaten Students in the grand final, but Duck said she was confident they would get the win in the end. 

“I am very confident with my girls and the team, we have put in a lot of hard work,” Duck said. 

“I was really nervous as that Randwick side has a lot of talented players, and we needed to perform to come out on top. We had a moment there in the game where they were on top, but I never doubted the girls.”

Duck, who has been balancing university, work and rugby, said she had more representative honours on her radar before a much-anticipated break at home over the holidays.

“It’s a lot with uni and work, I obviously need to focus on both, but I only have a month or so left at uni and work will finish up soon, then I will have some representative stuff coming up,” Duck said. 

“After that, I am excited to get back home over Christmas, it will be nice to get home for that little bit and catch up with the siblings.” 

In the meantime, Duck will prepare with NSW Country for her two games before a Wallaroos camp in December.