Early uni offer for Tumut High student

Tumut High School’s Daniel Hibbens with the notification of his conditional early entry to Charles Sturt University.

He’s yet to sit for the HSC, but Tumut High School student Daniel Hibbens has already gained conditional early entry to Charles Sturt University.

Daniel, a former Tumut Young Person of the Year, passed the Charles Sturt Advantage early offer program soft skills assessment.

The University said the following: “We were blown away by your resilience, empathy and motivation to create a world worth living in.”

As a result, they have made him a conditional offer into the Bachelor of Social Work at the Port Macquarie campus. 

He just needs to get an ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank) of 60. After ATARS are released, the university will send through an unconditional offer as long as he achieves this rank and this course is his highest eligible preference for main round. 

Daniel said the soft skills assessment involved a variety of questions based on how well we can deal with situations that involve resilience, empathy and motivation. 

“It was all based on creating a world worth living in, something of which I was quietly confident in answering,” he said. 

However, he wasn’t expecting the level of success he achieved.

“I was most definitely surprised,” he said.

“I had the self-belief that I could get an offer. But there’s always uncertainty when it comes to applying for things like this. You just never know what you’re up against.”

Daniel wishes to pursue a career in social work and is also interested in mental health.

“Doing the Bachelor of Social Work can open many doors for me,” he said.

“My current goals are completing Year 12, completing the HSC exams, go to Port Macquarie and start university.”

The prospect of moving to Port Macquarie excites him “more than anything.”

“It’ll be a fresh beginning,” he said. 

“New places to see, new people to meet. Don’t get me wrong, it’s daunting. But I’m at a point in my life where I believe I’m ready.”

Daniel said his time at Tumut High School has but at the same time hasn’t prepared him well for what is to come. 

“Due to Covid-19 it’s inevitable not to have access to all the resources available pre-Covid, but the school has most definitely done everything possible to support students with questions about University, careers and other questions about life after school,” he said.

“I take my hat off to all teachers, careers advisors, principals and other executives in schools, across New South Wales and the way they’ve supported Senior students through 2020. In saying that, during the online learning period earlier this year it was hard to prepare for some things. It’s definitely made preparations for our final exams harder as we may have missed learning during that time.”