Easing restrictions relieve pressure on gyms

Jess Sturt will be able to put a tough seven months behind her when opening up The Gym to 24 hour a day services from today onwards.

From today, the NSW Government will ease Covid-19 restrictions on gyms, which previously required a Covid-19 safety marshal to be present at all times – a huge financial challenge for 24-hour gyms in particular.

With the change in restrictions, a Covid-19 safety marshal will only be required in gyms when there are more than 20 people in the venue at one time, meaning Tumut businesses, such as The Gym and the McMahon Method, will be able to increase their operations at a reduced cost. 

The Gym’s owner and operator Jess Sturt explained what it meant for her business that has continued to be impacted by Covid-19 since they were temporarily closed way back in March. 

“It means that we can operate to our full potential,” Sturt said. 

“At the moment, we have been staffing 91 hours a week and that has been burning a big hole in our pockets and something we just couldn’t sustain long term.”

Being able to offer 24/7 gym services to her patrons makes Sturt and her clients very happy too.

“Being back 24/7 is good for us financially and good for our members,’ Sturt said. 

“It was our number one priority to try and open for as many hours as we could so we could provide that flexibility for people training.”

Sturt said that getting back to running as a 24/7 gym would take a little work, but hoped it would be in place by the end of the week. 

“We are still waiting for clarification from Fitness Australia,” Sturt said. 

“We are waiting for more details, but we think it will be Friday (today); we will wait for that and announce to our members via email and on social media.

“We know it sounds quite easy just to open back up 24 hours, but there are a lot of things we need to do first.”

Sturt and her doting gym enthusiasts will be pleased to return to some sort of normality, especially with many Victorian gyms still closed due to Covid-19. 

“We are very grateful we are not in the same situation as Victoria,” Sturt said.

“It might have been bad for us, but it has definitely been so much worse for others, so we are very grateful.”

The McMahon Method’s owner/operator, Luke McMahon, who only introduced 24/7 services just prior to Covid-19, is also looking forward to expanding his businesses services to their current cliental. 

“Yes, it’s really good for us because we will be able to offer our 24-hour service again,” McMahon said. 

“We only just did that before Covid and had to stop straight away and there have been a lot of people asking me when we are going back to 24 hours.”

McMahon said being able to offer 24-hour services again was important for not only his gym, but Sturt and The Gym as well.

“Jess would obviously be impacted more because a lot of her members want to train at different hours, but I think it is pretty important for us too, as the next part of growing as a business,” McMahon said. 

“Essentially, we are just offering another service; we have spent quite a bit of money setting this up, so it’s good to be able to use it.”

For more information on the return to 24 hour a day gym services with The Gym or The McMahon Method, gym goers are encouraged to visit their respective social media sites.