Exemplary effort from gifted Franklin student

Franklin Public School student Jess Martin with her exemplary award from the University of New South Wales.

Franklin Public School captain and Talbingo resident Jess Martin has received a top one per cent ‘exemplary’ award in the University of NSW Writing Assessment.

High-achieving students from around the state were invited to take part in the assessment, which involved writing a persuasive piece on a topic; in her case ‘should we build more roads?’

“I was against it, for environmental and pollution reasons,” she said.

Not long after she received the news she had been given the exemplary award.

“No, I wasn’t expecting it,” she said.

Franklin Year 5/6 teacher Matt Woodward said Jess’s achievement is all the more remarkable because not only is she in the top one per cent of students in the state, but in the top one per cent of students who got As and Bs and therefore the chance to participate in the assessment.

Her parents are naturally happy.

“They say I did really good and they’re proud of me,” she said.

Needless to say, Jess really enjoys writing,

“I love it; I love being creative; it brings me joy really,” she said.

“Sometimes when I’m bored I make up stories in my head.”

Mr Woodward said Jess is a good all-round student.

“She’s gifted in writing and always gets around 90 per cent in assessment tasks,” he said.

“For her age she is the most talented writer I’ve seen.”

Like most good writers, Jess loves reading; especially fantasy and adventure.

She is currently reading the Nevermore series.

“She is a voracious reader, and that’s one of the reasons, along with her God-given talent, that she’s such a good writer; that’s the way it works,” Mr Woodward said.

Jess’s first memories of writing are from when she was seven. She concedes that she may have been writing before this, but can’t remember. 

It’s early days yet, but Jess knows she wants to write for a living one day.

“I’d like to be an author,” she said.