F1 in Schools team off to national finals

Ethan Parker, Vince Wood, Bronson Sutton, Corey Crain and Andy Dodds accepting their prizes at the F1 in Schools NSW finals this week.

Last year the cadet class Tumut High F1 in Schools teams finished first, second, and third at the state finals, and after moving up to the professional class they’ve proved their performance was no fluke.

Despite it being the first time the school has ever put a team into the highest class state competition, the boys finished third overall, and picked up firsts for ‘Best Team Marketing,’ ‘Best Graphic Design,’ and ‘Best Managed Enterprise Awards.’

However, team member Vince Wood said they wouldn’t be satisfied with anything other than first.

“We were a bit shut down when our car didn’t run how we expected, but we’re really happy to be going to the finals,” he said.

“We’re really happy with all the other categories; we thought we went really well with the marketing campaign and management. We were surprised about the graphic design, but we’re not complaining!”

The F1 in Schools competition is the largest extracurricular school competition in the world. It involves teams from around the globe competing by designing and building miniature F1 cars using CnC technology.

Vince said the boys would be working hard to improve their car before the national finals in Tasmania in March.

“We’ll take a few weeks off and get back in. It’ll pay off in the end hopefully!” he said.

“We’ll make it a lot more well refined and try to improve the speed and aerodynamics of the car.”

They also picked up some new ideas at the competition, by chatting with the 11 other competing teams, most of who had much more experience.

“It was an awesome experience; we talked with all the other teams and got a few tips and tricks about what hey learned about competing in the professional class,” he said.

“I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all our sponsors for supporting the team all the way through the F1 in Schools program.”