Fallout from street brawl

Tumut police are examining video footage of the wild brawl that broke out in the early hours of Sunday outside the Oriental Hotel as authorities seek to identify those involved in the violent incident.

The fight broke out at about 12.30am outside the hotel, which had closed its doors amid rowdy behaviour inside the pub following the popular Tumut Rodeo.

Once outside, a fight broke out between Tumut Blues players and rodeo participants.

The fight left multiple people from each side bloodied and an accusation that a woman had been struck.

Tumut police Sergeant Bryan Hammond said officers were continuing inquries.

“We attended an incident outside of the Oriental Hotel early Sunday morning and currently have multiple leads and lines of inquires that we will be following up,” he said.

“We were also made aware of a video taken of the incident in question but did not receive this until the following day. This video is now assisting our team in identifying other perpetrators.

“We also urge anybody else with footage or anybody who witnessed the matter in question to contact the Tumut Police Station. We would also request people to refrain from circulating further footage on social media.”

In the aftermath, the Tumut Blues have issued match-payment fines to seven players.

Blues president Bryan Black was frustrated with the incident and wants to stamp out this type of behaviour.

“We have spoken with Bryan Hammond and Dave (McDougall, pub licensee) and we were establishing facts as early as Sunday,” Mr Black said.

“The club will be issuing a monetary penalty to the players involved, which will be used to pay for the loss of the sponsor.”

“At this stage we won’t be announcing the players in question until the police have finalised their own inquires.”

Group 9 operations manager Bob Hay said the matter had been passed on to their governing body.

“At this stage we know very little about the incident but based on reports we have referred it to the CRL so they can work with the Tumut Blues executive regarding this matter,” he said.

Oriental Hotel’s David McDougall was very disappointed by the actions of the Blues players involved.

“A dozen to 14 players came in and we thought we would give them a chance to behave,” he said. “We had to close our doors early when the crowd got a little too rowdy.”

McDougall, who is a sponsor of the club and has an 18-year-old who is one of their emerging first-graders, is considering pulling his sponsorship.

“We are only a minor sponsor and supply some training gear for the club. At this stage we are committed for this year but that probably won’t be the case next season.”

“I know of other sponsors who are also considering their position next year as well.”

Mr McDougall’s disappointment in the situation was very much aimed at senior squad players involved is foray. 

“What kind of example does that set to players like my son and others coming through?,” he asked.

Tumut Rodeo club president Brad Malone was disappointed that the video had been sent to media outlets, instead of assisting police with their inquiries immediately.

“I’m disappointed with the person who filmed the fight instead of acting to stop the fight or get help,” he said.

“If there was no video, the police could’ve dealt with the matter at the time but now it has spiralled out of control because of social media coverage.”

Police inquiries are continuing.