Fanny Lumsden coming to Lacmalac

Country artist Fanny Lumsden has a lot of reasons to be happy.

Her latest album, Real Class Act, is at the top of the ARIA Country Music charts. Like her previous effort, Small Town Big Shot, it’s pulling in positive reviews from publications like Rolling Stone and the Brag. And she’s in the middle of doing what she does best: traversing the country in a caravan, performing at little country halls all over Australia.

Despite her rising star status, Fanny said there’s nowhere she’d rather play.

“We love the fact that we can go to hall, have a really good time, and maybe help them put on some more shows in the future – and that’s exactly what’s happened, which has been really fantastic,” she said.

“They’ve been able to put on more artists, art shows, local councils events…we remind people that these halls are available for public use and that they were once the hub of the community, which can sometimes be forgotten.”

One of the halls she’ll be performing in for this tour, her sixth country halls tour, is the Lacmalac Soldiers Memorial Hall, on November 24.

As well as being a perfect fit for fans of Australiana and alt-country goodness, Fanny said it’s also a good fit for those who don’t necessarily see themselves as live music fans.

“It’s heaps of fun, if you’ve never been to live music before definitely come to this, because we try to make it a really inclusive two-way experience, it’s not just sitting and listening,” she said.

“There’s jokes, a totem tennis competition, dancing, we try and make it as fun as possible. We try to make it a full show, rather than just a passive experience.”

She’s certainly got it down pat by now. In the past year and a half alone, Fanny and her band, the Thrillseekers, travelled over 100,000 kilometres, booking shows in remote pockets of the country from Tasmania to the NT.

With that kind of day-to-day, it’s no wonder the songs that result are uniquely capable of capturing the true essence of Australian country life.

“We’ve spent six years doing shows in every kind of space you can think of – from people’s backyards to festivals,” she said.

“So meeting different people and playing in all these different places is definitely where the songs come from. I’m always writing, so I’m inspired all the time.”

Money raised from Fanny’s show will go towards the Lacmalac Soldiers Memorial Hall. Tickets can be bought at