Fires likely to last more than a week

Fire crews are expected to be fighting fires in the Snowy Valleys for more than a week.

THE Rural Fire Service expects to still be battling fires burning around Talbingo and Blowering Dam for more than a week.

“The take home message for this is that this is not going to be wrapped up quickly,” NSW RFS’s Brad Stewart said.

“This will be a protracted event, probably exceeding a week.”

Fire crews from the RFS, Forestry Corp and National Parks and Wildlife have been battling five fires at a time.

Mr Stewart said the fires were at advice level and urged residents living near them to discuss their fire plan with their families, keep up to date with the latest information and advice and call the Bushfire Information Line on 1800 679 737.

He said that three of the fires, at Possum Point, Wolumla and Sparks Creek, were likely to merge into one, and that due to the conditions, the fire situation was constantly changing.

Fires in the Werebolda State Conservation Area on the northern side of West Blowering Road and near Talbingo were started by lightning strikes on Thursday afternoon and this was the cause of more fires on Friday.

Maximum use is being made of water bombing helicopters and fixed wing aircraft due to the steep, difficult terrain the fires are burning in, and containment lines are being cut by dozers.