Firies close to victory

AFTER what has seemed like an eternity, fire crews are close to complete victory against bushfires that have been ravaging the region.

“We are very close to finishing these fires up,” RFS Deputy Incident Controller Tony Whitehorn said.

The Rolling Grounds fire has got a number of hot spots and aircraft will assess these as soon as weather conditions allow.

Yesterday mist and fog kept aircraft grounded.

Remote Area Firefighting Teams (RAFT) will be flown into these areas when conditions allow.

Firefighters’ efforts and the rain have created good situations on the Dunns Road and Rolling Grounds firegrounds.

“Certainly we’ve got no expansion in the firegrounds,” RFS Deputy Incident Controller Tony Whitehorn said.

“The Dunns Road fire is at patrol status and we FLIRed (Forward Looking Infra Red) the Ellerslie section of the Dunns Road fire yesterday and their were no hot spots and we had crews working up around Goobarragandra, and there is very little activity up there, with only one hot spot, and we will be running the FLIR machine over that again.

“The last fire we’ve currently got on our books is Mount Youngal, and we FLIRed that and it didn’t have any hotspots, and we will be FLIRing it again.”

He said some of these fires could be put out in the next few days.

The services do not have as many resources in the field as before, but what they do have is impressive.

“We have a strike team of New Zealanders out there at the moment and Americans here in the IT (incident team) and we are giving our other crews a break,” Mr Whitehorn said.

The RFS is confident that Bondo State Forest is safe and fire won’t be getting into it.

“We’re pretty sure Bondo’s protected now, which is a great win for the community, because it would have been an economic disaster losing another third of the forest,” Mr Whitehorn said.

All the fire is within National Parks at the moment and the RFS is confident property and towns are no longer in danger.