Ford fan takes car over $100K cash

Batlow’s Trevor Beggs (middle) with Get Chopped’s Brendon Quirey and Darren Cardiff and the 1978 Ford Fairmont GXL hardtop.

If any town’s people deserve good fortune in 2020 then it is the people of Batlow, and one of its residents got a big chunk of it this week.

Trevor ‘Tiny’ Beggs has won a fully restored ultra-rare 1978 Ford Fairmont GXL hardtop from community sporting fundraising group Get Chopped.

Get Chopped trucked the car down from Woodford in south-east Queensland (an 18-hour drive) and delivered it to his door on Friday.

Everyone who spends more than $30 on Get Chopped merchandise gets an entry to win prizes in their trade promotion.

Trevor had bought $150 worth of merchandise and therefore got five entries.

Brandon Spain, a Muay Thai fighter who is one of the athletes that Get Chopped raises money to support, drew Trevor’s name out.

Get Chopped director Darren Cardiff rang Trevor to give him the good news, but Trevor already knew because he was watching the draw live on Facebook.  

He was given a choice between getting $100,000, a Holden HQ Monaro, a 1932 Ford Roadster and the Fairmont GXL, and chose the latter.

“I’m over the moon,” he said.

“The money would have been nice but I’m in love with these things. I’m a Ford man so I wouldn’t want the Monaro, and I wouldn’t fit in the Roadster.”

The Fairmont is the last of the hardtops Ford built, and is 99 per cent original, including the drivetrain.

It has a 302 V8 engine, FMX automatic transmission, vinyl roof with a sun roof, power steering, power windows, sporty wheels and fat tyres.

It’s actually one-and-a-half years older than Trevor himself, but it looks like it just rolled off the assembly line. 

Trevor’s already got a nickname for the car, Rumble Bee, relating to its yellow and black livery.

Despite being a Ford man, he’s never owned a car like this one.

“I had an old XF, but it was nothing like this.”

The Get Chopped boys found that Batlow folk feel Trevor’s win is well deserved.

“Locals we have spoken to said it couldn’t have happened to a nicer bloke,” Darren said.

“I’ll probably have a few more friends I didn’t have before,” Trevor said.

So who is going to be able to drive it?

“Me,” he said, adding that he won’t mind driving people around in it.

It certainly won’t be a daily drive, he’s got a Hilux for that.

“I’ll put it on club rego,” he said.

“I only get one weekend a month off, so I won’t get to drive it too often.”

Trevor was already a fan of Get Chopped before he won this car.

“They’re awesome; they’re doing a marvellous job,” he said.