Forestry jobs axed again

Forestry Corporation has confirmed the cutting of four Tumut-based jobs.

“Forestry Corporation of NSW has undertaken a small change plan affecting several roles based in Tumut,” a Forestry Corporation spokesperson said.

“The group of staff undertaking inventory and assessment work was reduced from six to two positions, as the resources needed to undertake this work has reduced in recent years. This is largely driven by new forms of technology, resulting in fewer hours needed to be spent on field-based measurement tasks.

“Staff were consulted about the changes in line with our enterprise agreement and all affected staff were invited to apply for the remaining roles.

“We have worked with affected staff to provide assistance during the changes and job search support for those moving on from Forestry Corporation.

“Tumut is one of the biggest regional offices for Forestry Corporation with around 70 staff based there.”

The Forestry spokesperson said two of the affected staff were involved in firefighting but insists it will be ready for the summer.

“Firefighting resourcing is in its nature a seasonal requirement. The Snowy Region will continue to meet its firefighting needs through permanent staff and seasonal fire crews,” he said.

“As always, Forestry Corporation is fully prepared and resourced for the imminent fire season.”