Forestry reshuffle

The NSW forestry corporation is in the final stage of a restructure.
The NSW forestry corporation is in the final stage of a restructure.

THE ramifications of the latest Forestry Corporation NSW restructure are yet to be felt across the six forestry areas, including Tumut, that were in the firing line as the organisation transformed into a more economical and slim-line business model.

The Tumut office lost three positions and another four staff members have relocated to roles with the forestry at Bombala and Bathurst following the structural change.

In June this year all management and planning positions were declared vacant for softwood plantation areas, with all staff required to reapply for jobs.

The stressful process also included 20 positions being axed across the sector leaving many within the government-owned timber corporation unsure of where their future would lie.

With the arduous restructuring task almost complete, Regional Manager for Forestry Corporation of NSW, Bob Germantse, said Tumut remains an important regional centre for Forestry Corporation of NSW.

“Following a restructure of Forestry Corporation of NSW’s Softwood Plantations Division, Tumut has become the centre of a new larger region that incorporates significant plantations located in Bombala, Tallaganda and Moss Vale,” Mr Germantse said.

“Generally people are looking forward to getting on with business as the new structure will improve the corporation’s operational efficiency, enabling it to continue supporting local industry, which has a significant impact on the regional economy.”

Not all Tumut Forestry Corporation workers were included in the restructure with field workers including dozer operators, truck drivers and planters exempt from the process.

The reduction of three local jobs was softened by those staff members taking voluntary redundancies with Mr Germantse explaining the four staff members that have left town were successful in applying for roles in other areas of the state.

“There are four permanent positions based in Tumut currently un-filled which we will begin recruiting for shortly,” Mr Germantse said.

“Forestry Corporation remains a significant local employer, and has recently created 16 seasonal roles at the Blowering Nursery to support the raising of more than eight million seedlings and will soon recruit 12 seasonal fire fighters to support local fire-fighting efforts over the summer.”

On January 1 this year Forests NSW became a state owned corporation and was renamed the Forestry Corporation of NSW.