Four Covid cases in Wagga

A Wagga  family of four who recently returned from Melbourne have tested positive for Covid-19, including a baby.

Health authorities say the family have all been in self-isolation since their return from Melbourne. The four individuals include a 52-year-old woman, the woman’s son and his wife (both in their 20’s) and their baby.

All four are said to be in good health and since they have been in isolation, authorities say no contact tracing is necessary.

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian yesterday said the state remains on high alert about community transmission as the number of Victorian cases continues to rise.

“No border is impenetrable … No matter how tough we are, so long as the virus is in and around us in Australia, there is a risk in NSW,” she said.

The Premier applauded those in NSW who are wearing masks and said she carries one in her own pocket at all times, but has not made masks mandatory, saying people “need to judge for yourselves.”

“I recommend everyone have one in their pocket or their bag, and if they feel they are in a situation where they need to wear one, they should,” Ms Berejiklian said.

The official advice from NSW Health is that NSW residents are strongly encouraged to wear a facemask in the following high-risk public situations:

• Indoor settings where social distancing is hard to maintain, such as public transport and supermarkets

• Any areas where community transmission has occurred

• Attending places of worship

Continued page 7 7Transmission projects like HumeLink are subject to a regulatory approvals process, administered by the Australian Energy Regulator and projects only proceed where there are benefits to electricity customers and the community.

·         New transmission has been identified by the AEMO as essential to providing safe, reliable and affordable electricity to customers into the future. HumeLink is one of the projects prioritised by AEMO, the Federal Government and the NSW Government.

·         The project has been declared as Critical State Significant Infrastructure by the NSW Government.

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