Free driver training program

Birrang’s Leaner Driver Training Program has come to Tumut.

With a NSW Premier’s Award for excellence in customer service under their belt, Birrang’s Leaner Driver Training Program has come to Tumut.

The program is aimed at assisting Aboriginal and disadvantaged people gain the skills they need to become safe and legal drivers, which in turn ensures access to transport, jobs, education, and health services, said Birrang spokesperson Brad White.

“With fourteen years experience, Birrang Enterprise Development Company is delivering the intensive learner driver program at the Cooee Cottage in Tumut,” he explained.

“The course will start August 15, 2017, with the intensive program having accredited trainers delivering classes in the morning to those who with to obtain a Learner’s Licence and driving lessons in the afternoon for those who hold a license, which will focus on breaking down barriers.”

The course runs for five weeks on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. The morning sessions are designed to help participants become safe drivers, as well as passing the Driver Knowledge Test in order to get their Learners Licence.

In the afternoon car lessons put the training learned in the morning into practice.

Participants who already hold a Learners Licence are encouraged to come. They will be evaluated on their skills and given instructions to gain the confidence to pass their driving test with the goal of obtaining their provisional license.

“Birrang believes that by placing road safety at the forefront of its driver education program it will improve the overall safety standards of drivers, as well as facilitating individuals to obtain their driver’s licenses,” said Mr White.

“The experienced and qualified staff can provide individualised support and utilise the latest technologies, including RMS touch screens to deliver lessons specifically targeted to achieve results.”

During the last financial year Birrang assisted 572 people in obtaining a licence. The in class section is delivered Tuesday to Thursday from 8.30am to 12.30pm. Anybody wishing to participate can contact Birrang on 6361 9511 or email [email protected]

Brad White, who will be running the course in Tumut, can be reached on 0427 300 643.