Fuel returns to Adelong

Suresh Bapatu has moved to the region from Sydney to work at the newly reopened service station.
Suresh Bapatu has moved to the region from Sydney to work at the newly reopened service station.

The Adelong Service Station has reopened, bringing fuel back to the town after years without.

Up until now, residents and passers-through were only able to buy fuel through Toll during business hours on weekdays, or otherwise go all the way to Tumut or Gundagai to fill up.

The station reopened eleven days ago under the management of Gokul Lingamaneni, who also runs petrol stations in Gundagai and Jugiong.

Employee Suresh Bapatu, who moved to Gundagai from Sydney only two weeks ago, said he’d already heard a lot of positive feedback from customers.

“People are very happy. They haven’t had a petrol station for a long time,” he said.

Adelong resident Gail Branch said having the station will make a huge difference to the amount of people stopping in the town.

“It’s absolutely fantastic,” she said.

“It’s the best thing, people are going to stop, they’re going to walk up the street, and that’s going to bring in tourism – they’re not just going to head on through to Tumut.”

Heli Alkumaa added that the station will make life a whole lot easier, especially for out of towners who aren’t prepared with enough petrol to get to the nearest stop.

“I don’t have to explain to everyone that they have to go to Gundagai or Tumut for fuel,” she said.

“I’ll have friends from out of town saying, at nine o clock at night, ‘where can I get petrol?’ Well, nowhere. I’ve had friends who have had to get jerry cans and fill them up so they could get as far as Gundagai.”

However, they said that thanks should be extended to Toll for supplying fuel to residents despite the fact that isn’t what their business is for.

“Toll have been great, they’ve done that as a favour to the town,” said Marlene Pearce.

The service station is located on Tumut Street, Adelong, along the Snowy Mountains Highway.