Further 4 cases of Covid-19 in MLHD

There have been a further four cases of Covid-19 identified in the Murrumbidgee Local Health District (MLHD) overnight, bringing the total number of positive Covid-19 results to 35.

The new cases were identified in Narrandera Shire (1) and Wagga Wagga (3).

1582 people have been tested for Covid-19 within the MLHD.

Albury City has six confirmed cases, Berrigan Shire one, Cootamundra-Gundagai one, Federation six, Greater Hume two, Griffith City three, Hay Shire two, Murrumbidgee Council three, Narrandera Shire one, Snowy Valleys Shire one, and Wagga Wagga nine.

The MLHD has also revealed detailed demographics about the confirmed cases in the region, according to sex and age groups.

23 women are confirmed to have Covid-19, compared to 12 men.

The highest affected age group is those aged 20-29, with 11 confirmed cases, and the lowest affected is ages 10-19 with one case.

MLHD also revealed that of the 35 confirmed cases, 30 were acquired overseas, four were acquired locally and one was acquired interstate.

MLHD are continuing preparations to ensure they have the health workforce ready for the anticipated rise in hospital admissions and people needing care at home over the coming weeks and months.

While many people are expected to experience mild to moderate symptoms which can be managed at home with the support of health care workers, those who experience more serious symptoms will need specialist care an appropriate local hospital. The MLHD Base Hospitals are equipped to support people with severe Covid-19 symptoms.

People who are most vulnerable are people over 70, people over 60 with chronic and complex illness, or people with weakened immunity and Aboriginal people with chronic illness.

A number of strategies are being activated to ensure appropriate numbers of qualified health teams are available, and that our clinicians are properly rested between shifts.

Nurses and doctors who have been working in other areas in the hospitals, such as surgery, are now being deployed to caring for people with Covid-19. Clinical staff who have moved into managerial and administrative roles are being deployed back to the front line.

MLHD are also fast-tracking student nurses who have recently completed their training.

MLHD is launching a social media campaign to reach clinicians in the community to come forward and help.

MLHD ask members of the public to remain calm and be vigilant in their hand hygiene and practice social distancing. Follow the advice given by NSW Health authorities and stay up to date with what’s going on the website.

The most common symptoms of COVID-19 are fever, sore throat and dry cough. Symptoms will generally appear 3-4 days after exposure to the virus but can be up to 14 days later.

Anyone who believes they have may have contracted the Covid-19 virus are advised in the first instance to:

Call the free-call coronavirus hotline 1800 022 222 and receive advise on the best course of action depending on your symptoms and risks. Medical staff will direct people to the nearest hospital or respiratory clinic, or advise them to stay home and self-monitor, or contact their GP, or

Contact your GP to arrange an appointment (let GP practice know in advance if you have symptoms) or

Call the Murrumbidgee COVID-19 Hotline on 1800 831 099 for assessment (7.00 am – 11.00 pm).