Glenyce a natural with the brush

Glenyce Francis with painting ‘what are you looking at?’.

Every one was a winner at the opening of the 61st Tumut Art Show on Friday night, but none more so than Tumut painter Glenyce Francis.

Glenyce won first prize, the Nest Chiropractic Award, in Section 2, the Local Scene Snowy Valleys Council Area category, for her work Talbingo Reflections, and was also Highly Commended in the same section for Turbulence over Tumut Aerodrome.

She was also Highly Commended in Section 1, Any Medium, for What are you looking at, depicting a colourful, expressive bird.

Judge’s comments on Talbingo Reflections were “glowing and highly technical but at the same time there is a sense of love and excitement for the landscape.”

For Turbulence over Tumut Aerodrome, the judges said “drama enhanced by strong tones” and for What are you looking at “portrait of colour and beauty.”

Glenyce had little idea her work would receive such recognition.

“No, I was not expecting it,” she said.

“I did my best for the art show but I haven’t been painting for long; only about four years.”

One glance at her work suggests Glenyce is a natural.

“I dabbled in painting a little when I was a child, then 40-odd years later I got back into it,” she said.

“I enjoy painting the beautiful scenery in our area.”

Glenyce lives near Tumut Airport, and therefore had plenty of inspiration for the spectacular cloud formation depicted in Turbulence over Tumut Aerodrome.

Glenyce describes the Tumut Art Society as “absolutely fabulous.”

She was its president of the Society for three years before handing the job over to Jenny Crain in July last year.

The 61st Annual Art Exhibition is on at the 5Ways Studio and Gallery until Sunday April 8.

Fine Art Judge: Peter Griffen. Fibre art judge: Denise Lithgow.

Section 1:   Snowy Valleys Shire Award – Any Medium

1st Prize No: 131 Paul McKnight – Narcissus on Turkish Embroidery

Elegant, exquisitely worked, and of an intimate nature

2nd Prize No: 139 Anne Rayment – Real Life

Striking impact and full of light and character, very powerful

Highly commended to No: 118 Glenyce Francis – What are you looking at?

Portrait of colour and beauty

Commended No: 128 David Lake – Moonrise Hobby Yards

Quality of light is superb

Section 2: – Local Scene Snowy Valleys Shire, Any Medium

1st Prize No: 206 – Glenyce Francis – Talbingo Reflections

Glowing and highly technical but at the same time there is a sense of love & excitement for the landscape

2nd Prize No: 211 – Colina Grant – Early morning Adelong

Soft & sensitive, expressionistic, great use of texture creating a feel for the landscape

Highly commended No: 207 – Glenyce Francis – Turbulence over Tumut Aerodrome

Drama enhanced by strong tones

Commended No: 226 – Helen Taylor – Cottage Fairview Station

Innovative and powerful, using techniques personal to the artist.

Section 3:   Watercolour / ink & wash

1st Prize No: 301 – Sylvia Bamberry – The flooding of Coopers Creek

Free thinking and organic which presents an unexpected surprise.

2nd Prize No: 317 – Noeline Millar – Rocky outcrop Flinders Ranges

Strong positive technique

Highly Commended No: 324 – Doreen Shaw – Ploughed Fields

Poetic and delicate

Commended No: 309 – Ngaere Donald – Visual Impression

Simple but exciting rendition of classic subject matter.

Section 4: – Oils

1st Prize No: 418 – David Lake – Landscape Near Mullaney

Powerfully centred composition

2nd Prize No: 432 – Karen Walsh – Country Village Carcor

Very good light and expressive brushwork

Highly Commended No: 419 – David Lake – Hill Of Granite

Serene and rich in feeling

Commended No: 415 – Sandra House – All Landscape


SECTION 5: Acrylics

1st Prize No 520 – Jennifer Forster – Riverbend Killimicat

Flowing & arabesque, with soft moody shadows

2nd Prize No: 516 – Ngaere Donald – Rileys Plain

Captures the flinty texture of the land

Highly Commended No: 534 – Anne Rayment – Walk In The City

Inventive, playful and stimulates the imagination

Commended No: 521 – Bob Gurney – After The Camp Draft Trials

Unique approach to well-known subject matter

SECTION 6: Pastels

1st Prize No: 622 – Penny Rosato – Morundah Plains Stock Reserve

Strong sense of place

2nd Prize No: 616 – Glenda Heyhoe – Tree Art

Dark but alive, good energy

Highly Commended: 619 – Irene Ioannou – Butterflies

Very delicate with sensitive use of technique

Commended No: 604 – Michelle Chibnall – Crossing The Back Range Creek

Welcoming and wonderfully romantic

SECTION 7:   Works on Paper

1st Prize No: 732 – Therese Mctavish – Edgar The Calf

Sculpturally strong with great sensitivity

2nd Prize No: 712 – Joanne Davis – Beachcombers Collective

Delightfully lyrical

Highly Commended No: 740 – Heather Rhul – Holy Camp Lookout

Handled in a personally rich and unique way

Commended No: 751 – Debbie Wood – Dinner Is In The Bag

Something special and exploratory

SECTION 8:   Fibre Art

1st Prize No:   807 – Heather Dunn – Womboin

This piece was made with skill in a way that compliments the work. It is experimental and well presented with good tonal qualities. The suggestion of barbwire with stitching and the mix of rusty metal frames it well. Weaving is well balanced.

2nd Prize No: 809 – Jess Forster – Reservoir

Good composition, a powerful work, well balanced with the main section off to one side. Shows the maker is in control of the medium.

Highly Commended No: 803 – Bonnie Carroll – Shearers Post

Good composition and subject matter. Felting is not over worked which give a sense of time and place.

Commended No 816 – Carol Slattery – Thoughtful

Very innovative. Fabric and stitch can be a powerful, artful combination which shows in this works shadows.

SECTION 9:   Small Painting

1st Prize No: 919 – Val Johnson – Playing Snooker


2nd Prize No: 932 – Don Talintyre – Ascend Tumut

Warm, peaceful composition

Highly Commended No: 913 – Colina Grant – Balloon Clown

Delightfully intimate

Local Artist Encouragement Award:

No: 225 Helen Taylor – Killimicat Station

A personal and delightfully felt response to the landscape. Rich colour and unusual composition.