Golf back on… again

Tumut golfer Todd Broad will be able to play golf after Tumut Golf Club were permitted to keep their course open.

Just like your typical on-again, off-again schoolyard relationship, golf is back on, after Golf NSW, under the direction of the Office of Sport, decided that golfers were allowed to play under restricted conditions.

On Monday, Golf Australia and Gold NSW announced that all courses would be closed to the public as of midnight that night, after the federal government announced stricter laws on social gatherings and non-essential events.

Despite this direction, the Office of Sport reversed this decision on Wednesday morning, stating that clubs could reopen.

In a statement taken from the Golf NSW website, the ruling was explained, no doubt pleasing avid golfers all over NSW.

“After reconsideration, the Office of Sport-NSW Government, has advised that golf is considered an activity that can continue to be played in line with public health orders relating to public gathering limits, social distancing and the elderly,” the statement read.

Tumut Golf Club president Geoff Brain was tickled pink by the news and even went out for a hit on Wednesday afternoon to celebrate the decision.

“Golf is back on and the course is open for those wanting to play some golf,” Brain smiled.

Brain stressed the importance of golfers sticking to the strict rules that are in place to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

“Golf will only remain open as long as people are sticking to regulations of two players to a group, one person per cart and all of the directions set out by the proshop,” Brain said.

“The proshop is even sending golfers out 20 minutes apart as to avoid any groups coming together.”

The club president also said that golfing competitions would resume as per usual, only with rules in place to prevent gatherings.

“The proshop will open per normal, seven days a week and we can play competition and social golf as per normal as long as we stick to the rules,” Brain said.

Brain wanted to remind patrons of the penalties in place for those not adhering to the rules, citing significant fines that could be handed out by the NSW Police.

“There is an $11,000 fine for individuals if they don’t stick to the rules and we don’t want to see that,” Brain said.

The avid golfer is now hoping to see an influx of players out on the fairways, supporting the club during this difficult time.

“The course will be open and ready for play, so come out, get some exercise and enjoy some golf,” Brain said.