Goode’s goals guiding Eagles

Scoring goals hasn’t been an issue for the young Tumut Eagles side this year who boast plenty of strike weapons in their stocks.

And leading the charge at the back end of the season is forward James Goode, who has a handy six goals next to his name and is the leading goal scorer for the Eagles this season.

Goode has been a part of the Eagles since he was five years old and has played each year working his way up the ranks before making his first-grade debut when he was just 14 years old.

Now four years later, Goode is a veteran of the Pascoe cup at just 18 years old and is trying to inspire the Eagles to sneak into the finals.

“I do feel like I’m playing well this year,” Goode said.

“I’m pretty happy I’ve scored some pretty good goals in important times which is good.

“The team feels good when we put together a performance as a team and you score a goal which sometimes helps the team get the win.

“It would be good to start getting some points we just haven’t been able to turn performances into points which is frustrating ladder wise.”

And the Eagles will have a good chance to start their run to the finals this weekend when they take on rivals Cootamundra at the Bull paddock.

The Eagles beat Cootamundra to win the Pascoe Plate last year even after losing to them three times during the season and once by seven goals.

And after losing their first encounter this year, the Eagles will be determined to replicate the heroics of the Pascoe Plate last year and get one up on Cootamundra.

“Coota are always a tough rival we have a bit of a rivalry with them,” Goode said

“They got up on us last time but hopefully this time we can get the win.

“It would be really good we haven’t got many points lately so it’d feel really good to beat them.”

Also a keen cricketer, Goode channels all his focus into soccer during the colder months and also now plays alongside his brother, Will.

The family connection provides a spark out on the pitch but also some sparks at the family dinner table.

“It’s pretty cool because we can go home and talk about the games,” Goode said.

“You’d feel like there would be a bit of a rivalry but we work together really well.

“I sometimes rub it in but he’ll do the same.”

With the end of the season approaching, the goal for the Eagles is to sneak into sixth position on the ladder and qualify for the finals.

But they currently sit two positions outside their goal in eighth making their run home a tough one.

James Goode in action for the Tumut Eagles.

And despite being the youngest team in the competition, Goode believes it could also be their strength and drive them to the finals.

“I’ve been playing with most of the boys in first grade now since juniors,” he said.

“So having played for three or four years in first grade we’ve really got to know all the people in the team.

“That’s where we’ve sometimes got the advantage we’ve got the youth and a little bit extra fitness and little bit extra pace.

But it wasn’t always smooth sailing taking a few seasons before they started to find their feet in the top grade.

“A couple seasons ago we were losing 8-9 nil,” he explained.

“But we started putting it to the top teams and the confidence on the ball came realizing it wasn’t that scary and it was just another game of football.

“People have noticed the performances we’re capable of but we just need to start winning.”

The Eagles take on the Cootamundra Strikers at 3pm this Sunday at the Bull Paddock.