Greens out of Murray Cup draw

NRL Victoria happy to leave door open for return

The Greens have been removed from the 2022 Murray Cup draw.

The Tumbarumba Greens have been removed from the Murray Cup draw for a second time in 2022 following Sunday’s forfeit to the Corowa Cougars.

The Greens had made every indication that they were good to go in round four of the competition, but after only eight players were available to play on Sunday, Tumbarumba were unable to field a team and forfeited, giving Corowa short notice.

As a result, NRL Victoria have removed Tumbarumba from the 2022 Murray Cup draw, with General Manager Brent Silva confirming the decision.

“The indication we got was that they were all keen to go,” Silva said. 

“Then we heard whispers they might not be ready, and they didn’t show.

“As a result, they have been notified that Tumbarumba have been removed from the fixtures until there is a level of comfort that they can have a team turn up and play.” 

Silva explained the door will be left open for Tumbarumba to return to the competition, but whether that return is this year, next year or not at all is completely up to the Greens and whether they can get the players together to form a team.

“We need to have that level of comfort that when they say they are ready to go, we know they will have a team ready to play,” Silva said.

“We want to support them, and if they want to play this year, then we will guide them and that’s what we are all about. 

“My premise has been about getting more people playing rugby league more often.

“Just because we have had a bad experience now and all through Covid, that won’t change anything and we want them to play and we will always work with any club.”

Silva said a year off could be the best thing for the club, but regardless, he wanted to create better dialogue with the Greens.

“If they are ready to go now, or in 2023, we need to have that conversation,” Silva said. 

“Everyone in the Murray Cup is concerned for the Greens, and we want them back, and maybe it won’t be this year, and maybe they need that year, but we want to open that dialogue.

“At the moment, all we are getting is radio silence, and they only have nine players registered.”

As far as a potential return to the Murray Cup this season, Silva said it was possible if Tumbarumba explained their situation and proved they had the players registered. 

“We haven’t discounted putting them back in the comp, but we need to know they are committed to the fixtures.”

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