Gundagai Coffee Pedaler part of Covid alert

The Coffee Pedaler in Gundagai was undergoing a deep clean Thursday after the business was notified that a person who later tested positive for Covid-19 had visited the shop on May 19.

Of the five staff members working in the cafe that morning, one is a Tumut resident. All five are self-isolating and were tested for Covid-19 at 10am yesterday.

The possibly infectious travellers included a Melbourne family of four who have all tested positive since passing through NSW between May 19 and May 24. 

The father in the family said he initially experienced symptoms on May 25 and was tested on May 31. His family members were later tested and also returned positive results.

Their visit to the Coffee Pedaler in Gundagai was logged from 9.30am to 11.15am on May 19. 

The family visited two other locations in Gundagai on the same day: Gundagai Craft Centre (10.30am-11.30am) and Junque and Disorderly Antique Site (11am-noon). They then travelled through Jervis Bay, Huskisson, Hyams Beach, Vincentia and Goulburn before returning home.

Coffee Pedaler co-owner Matt Lucas said the cafe was continuing to operate by its CovidSafe plan and had been told by NSW Health they were free to open on Thursday, since the exposure was already 15 days past, but the cafe erred on the safe side.

“We chose to be conservative and close and we’ve done a deep clean,” said Mr Lucas.

Other staff members have been encouraged to get tested for the virus if they experience any symptoms or have worked alongside the staff who were in the cafe on May 19.

“We use commercial grade sanitizers, we run commercial dishwashers which are operated at around 94 degrees celsius… there’s very little chance of transmission actually occurring,” said Mr Lucas, adding that if anyone had been infected at the cafe, it’s likely that the community would have already seen members experiencing symptoms.

“The risk of somebody being positive and not knowing now is fairly low,” he said.

The cafe was only notified of the issue at 8.30pm on Wednesday evening.

ServiceNSW has been notifying customers who were in the cafe on May 19 through the CovidSafe check-in app.

Mr Lucas said business in Gundagai had already been difficult this week, with the Melbourne lockdown reducing the number of travellers passing along the highway.

“Things had quietened off dramatically this week, but it’s just another challenge of being in business,” he said.

“The most important thing for us is making sure staff are self isolating, keeping the local community safe and that everyone’s getting tested,” he said.

The Coffee Pedaler has also been notifying customers about the possible incident through its Facebook page, urging anyone in the cafe at that time to come forward and get tested.

Testing is still available at established Respiratory Clinics in Tumut and Gundagai, with the MLHD deploying a pop-up testing clinic to the Gundagai Racecourse to assist with any increase in the number of people needing to be tested because of this latest exposure.

MLHD is appealing to residents and anyone who travelled to Gundagai on May 19 to come forward for testing if they are symptomatic.

Symptoms include:

• Fever

• Dry cough

• Sore throat

• Runny or stuffy nose • Shortness of breath

“Anyone who has developed even mild symptoms of Covid-19 is asked to come forward for testing,” said Emma Field MLHD COVID-19 Coordinator. “We can’t emphasise enough how important it is for our community to be vigilant at this time.”

 Members of the public are advised to minimise travel, increase personal awareness around  hand hygiene and practice social distancing.

To book a Covid test, call HealthDirect on 1800 022 222.