Gundagai District Cricket chasing new talent

Gundagai District Cricket Association president and Lotts batsman, Tim Ryan, is working hard to find ways to attract new talent to both Lotts and Family cricket clubs.

With Lotts and Family rooted to the bottom of the Elders Cup competition at the midway point of the 2020/21 season, Gundagai District Cricket (GDC) is working out new ways to attract new players.

GDC president, Tim Ryan, said Gundagai would now be offering free registration to new players, while they were also targeting work places for new recruits. 

“This is part of the process; we are trying a different way, and trying different recruitment methods,” Ryan said. 

“Using advertisements in work place tea rooms, and where people might um and ah about playing; we want to give them a real reason to play.”

Ryan said a mixture of injuries and work commitments had really hurt Lotts and Family this season.

“We have our injuries, and other thigs hurt us, with guys being called into work and things like that,” Ryan said. 

“But I understand work/life commitments play a part and we need to take that into consideration too.”

Ryan said the current recruitment drive was put in place to help shore up the future of Gundagai District Cricket and their place in the Elders Cup.

“It was more about looking into the future, and finding ways we could bolster our stocks, and look at new and different ways of doing things,” Ryan said. 

Getting Gundagai back to winning ways won’t be easy, and Ryan said consistency was a big feature of their plans as they worked into the future.

“I think having a consistent core group of players coming in each week, rocking back each time and backing up really helps,” Ryan said. 

“That has been our biggest issue. We have been able to get our teams on the field, but we haven’t had the same team the next week.”

Gundagai is a breeding ground of good cricketers, and while GDC wanted to continue developing their juniors, Ryan believed there were enough ‘stalwarts’ of the game still playing for their sides to be competitive.

“The (juniors) are definitely our investment, we want to put some more time into those kids,” Ryan said. 

“Still, we have some good stalwarts of the game in our team (Lotts), and in Family do too, and we just need consistency.”

GDC are calling on players, new and old, to take part in the remainder of the Elders Cup competition that returns on January 9, and all interested parents and players can visit Gundagai District Cricket on Facebook for more information.