Gym owners left fuming

NSW government puts a halt to gyms reopening

Luke McMahon of The McMahon Method is disappointed that his gym won’t be able to open despite pubs and clubs getting the green light.

Monday will be a boom day for the NSW economy, with pubs, clubs, beauty parlours and a variety of other businesses either reopening, or now allowing up to 50 patrons on their premises.

Despite the fact a group of friends can get together for a schooner of beer and chicken parmi, the same can’t be said for a group of people, or even an individual, wanting to work out in a gym.

This decision was made by the NSW government, who has pushed back the reopening of the fitness industry until stage two of the three-stage road map to recovery.

This decision was made in spite of other states allowing gyms to reopen, including South Australia, which will see gym junkies allowed to return as early as Monday, while Victoria has earmarked June 22 for the reopening of gyms.

All of this certainly wasn’t lost on Luke McMahon, owner of The McMahon Method, who thought it was laughable, that people could congregate in pubs and beauty parlours, but keeping fit was deemed to risky.

“The thing that annoys me is that you can have 50 people in pubs, and beauty places will open up and they will be full contact,” McMahon laughed.

“We would have abided by any restrictions given to us if it meant we could have opened, even if that meant cleaning all the time.”

McMahon said he didn’t want to get his hopes up with any future announcements, and just accepted that his business would be one of the last places to reopen in NSW.

“We didn’t have our hopes up, rather than looking at every day and hoping we will reopen, we are just just looking at the flow of things and waiting for the good news to arrive,” McMahon said.

“We have our workers on the job keeper payment, we are getting things done around the gym and we are getting by for the moment.”

McMahon and his trainers, who initially focused on their online training platform once the news broke of gyms closing, are now incorporating outdoor sessions in their training repertoire.

“We have just started our boot camps, it was good, we had like 25 people training on Saturday at our first session,” McMahon said.

“We had three coaches and to make sure we had no more than 10 people in a group, I took my group to the Hockey Fields and we have two groups on the Bull Paddock and everyone was well spread out.”

The next step for McMahon is to utilise training outside of his gym, but requests for that to happen have been denied thus far.

“We might even be able to run our boot camps on the outside of the gym but the last time we spoke to the police, they said we couldn’t,” McMahon said.

“It is annoying, I know all the members are starting to struggle with motivation and we just want to get back into business and get things roiling.”

The McMahon Method have really focused on a healthy and safe return to training, bulk buying sanitizer and organizing new equipment.

“We just spent $50,000 on new equipment in the last couple of months and we have some serious stuff coming in,” McMahon said

“We have all new flooring coming, new equipment, and we have ordered quite a few litres of hand sanitiser just to be ready for when we are told we will be allowed to open.

“There will be a few new things in place, we are in the process of building another scheduling system just in case we are hit with tighter restrictions.”