Harald hits the road

Harald Tietze at this year’s Living Food for Longer Life conference.

Batlow’s very own holistic healing hotshot, Harald Tietze, has booked in a number of engagements for the rest of the year, coming off the back of his inaugural Living Food for Longer Life conference at this year’s CiderFest.

Harald will be travelling all over Southern NSW to preach the benefits of alternative approaches to health and wellbeing.

“I want people to start to see this way of holistic healing,” he said.

“Holistic healing is about seeing the body as a whole thing, not jumping into: how often am I eating just margarine or butter. On TV they say eggs are very bad and then they say eat a few eggs every day – it is mad.

“At the moment, for example, gluten free is a big thing. But research from Europe shows that only one in a hundred people should be gluten free, and 99 should have some gluten, but that in today’s diet we have too much – so just to reduce it, not cut it out.

“I give people a questionnaire with 120 questions: what do you eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner; do you have this sort of stress?, things like that, and then I can figure out where they have the problem. You have high blood pressure and you drink ten cups of coffee a day, there you go.

“In many cases, it’s about not taking something, rather than taking something. We talk about the global environment and changes and so on, but your home is most probably your number one health problem. What you eat, and your environment.”

You can find Harald at the following events for the rest of the year:

August 26 – Wagga Wagga – Kombucha and Keffiya (milk fermenting)
August 30 – Tumut Library Masterchef event – Kombucha and holistic healing
September 9 – Temora Shire Council event – Holistic healing and traditional cider along with Wilgro Orchard’s Ralph Wilson
September 23 – Batlow – Dowsing for health (water divining) and miracle healing
October 28 – Batlow – Make your own herbal medicine field day
November 4 – Jindabyne – Introduction to holistic healing Contact Harald at [email protected] to find out more.