Holiday activities come to an end

The mountain biking group in Tumbarumba.

Another great set of holiday activities have come to an end as Tumut kids put their uniforms back on and head back to school, with a few new skills up their sleeves.

New programs run by Council this year included yoga, drum beat, wholefoods cooking, and photography, and Snowy Valleys Youth Development Officer Evan Saunders is exhausted but happy with how the activities went.

“They really well received, all the activities were well-attended – there was only one activity cancelled because of the rain, which was the pole painting in Batlow, but we’re working with the school to hopefully do that during the term,” he said.

“Everything went really well and next holidays we’ll be looking to expand it even further as we have a bigger council area now.”

Next on the Youth Development agenda is bringing programs to places in the former Tumbarumba shire, with towns like Khancoban looking forward to activities like skate school and public art – although the exact details are still being hashed out.

They will most likely be through partnerships with experts, which are the strength of the Tumut school holidays activities.

“The cooking class was booked out, that was a partnership with Shirley Gilroy who does the Taste cooking group, and that was really cool,” said Evan.

“Kids were drinking kale smoothies by the end of it; it was really surprising.

“Having a few new things like the yoga class was great too, Nikki [Etherington]’s an awesome yoga instructor, and it’s the first time we’ve done the Drum Beat, with Mission Australia.

“For the spring program it’ll mostly be outdoors, and giving people a taste of everything. So, photography was a new thing too, and the people that like bubble soccer might not necessarily like photography, who might not necessarily go and do yoga, so it’s about catering for as many people as possible.”