HSC English exam a nice surprise

Bronson Sutton, Olivia Lucas, Bec Dean, Sam D’Alessandro, Jarrod Manns and Liam Abric after Friday’s HSC English exam at Tumut Showground.

Tumut High School students were mainly pleasantly surprised after their second English HSC exam, which they sat for at Tumut Showground on Friday.

“It wasn’t that bad; I was surprised,” Sam D’Alessandro said.

“I thought I went well, except at the end, where I struggled in the craft of writing section, where you had to write an imaginary piece on the spot. I felt like I went pretty well; I don’t feel terrible about it.”

Bec Dean also found the exam better than expected.

“I probably didn’t need to stress as much as I did, although it was time consuming,” she said.

The previous day’s exam, the first English paper, stirred some controversy around the state, being labelled stressful and obscure, but Bec found it much like Friday’s paper.

“It was better than expected, but there was one question that was unexpected; we didn’t study for that type of question,” she said.

She liked doing the exam at the showground.

“It’s better than the school; it’s not noisy,” she said.

Liam Abric wasn’t completely happy with Friday’s exam.

“It was a bit iffy,” he said. “The questions weren’t what I was hoping for; they were unexpected.

“I’m hoping I went alright, but sometimes you think it’s alright but it ends up bad.”

William Gain found it a “fairly good exam”.

“There was a lot more in it, but it flowed better.”

Breanna Holmes was even happier with it.

“I kind of enjoyed it,” she said. “Creative writing is a strength of mine.”

Adrian O’Rourke said the previous day’s English exam made this one easier.

“It definitely helped having done yesterday’s exam,” he said.

“We knew what we were going into.”