HSC exams kick off this week

Tumut High School captain Lori Webb.

Tumut High School’s year 12 students begin the Higher School Certificate today.

As per tradition, English kicks off the first two days, with the English Advanced, English Standard, English Studies and English as an Additional Language or Dialect starting at 9.50am.  

School captain Lori Webb says she’s a little bit nervous and stressed but overall excited about finishing them and moving on to whatever is next. 

“Luckily a bit of the pressure is off for me as I already have a few university early offers that are unconditional so I don’t need to achieve a specific ATAR to go which is great!” she said. 

She has been studying, but not letting it rule her life.

“I think I have prepared pretty well,” she said.

“I haven’t studied as much as I probably could have but I wanted to make sure I still had plenty of social time with my friends and doing things I love.”

The geography exam, on the morning of Thursday November 5, is going to be a happy occasion for her. 

“I’m most looking forward to geography since its the final exam then I’ll be done!” she said.

She’s looking at the maths exam on Monday, October 26 a tad differently.

“Maths is the one I’m dreading as it’s definitely my weakest subject,” she said.

“I’m feeling okay about English, more nervous about it being up first and worried about running out of time as it’s a lot of essays to write in a couple of hours!”

She is undecided about her future at this point.

“I’m still figuring out what my plans are after school, tossing up between a gap year and going straight to uni,” she said. 

“If I go to uni I’m planning on studying medical science at either Macquarie or Wollongong.”

Fellow Tumut High student Daniel Hibbens says he’s feeling “reasonably okay” in the lead up to the exams. 

“I’m very much anxious, but I know the sooner they are over the excitement will kick in,” he said. 

“I’m looking forward to English, mainly due to the fact that it’s the biggest exam as it’s spread over two exams in two days. And it’s got the most content to remember. The sooner it’s over it’ll be a big relief.”

Like a footballer, he’s taking a one-thing-at-a-time approach to his preparation.

“At this current time I’ve just been trying to study daily for my first exam which is English, which starts today,” he said.

“Some days I get more time than others. It just depends on the circumstances around the day.”

Daniel has already gained conditional early entry to Charles Sturt University after passing the Charles Sturt Advantage early offer program soft skills assessment.

This has earned him a conditional offer into the Bachelor of Social Work at the CSU Port Macquarie Campus. If he is able to get an ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank) of 60, then a move north is on the cards.