HSC heads for the finish

Tumut High School year 12 students are fast approaching the finish line of their high school careers with only a handful of HSC exams left.

Dylan Piper-Bye thinks the exams are going “alright.”

“I only have chemistry left and I think that would be the one I’m most nervous about but fortunately have a lot of time to study for it,” he said.

His post-exam direction hasn’t been finalised yet.

“I’m not sure as of yet as to what I will be doing once I’m finished yet though,” he said.

Jess Larter is also fairly happy with how she has been going.

“I feel like I’m going pretty good,” she said.

“My best exam has been modern history so far and my least favourite so far was probably legal (studies) because it wasn’t as interesting as English or history.

“I’m looking forward to my extension history exam the most because I actually like the content and that’s the main one I’m actually still studying for.”

School Captain Lori Webb admitted that some of the exams have been quite difficult. 

“Maths especially was one I really struggled with,” she said.

“On Wednesday I had two three-hour exams in one day which was not very fun but got through them okay. I was very tired at the end of the day though.”

Luckily, she only has one exam remaining.

“That’s geography on Thursday and then I’m done,” she said.

“I am definitely finding it hard to stay motivated to study knowing that I’m almost done but still trying my best to find some time to fit in a bit of study every now and then.”

Daniel Hibbens says the exams are going “considerably okay.”

“NESA (New South Wales Education Standards Authority) has definitely tested some of my abilities to interpret and write about certain questions,” he said.

He can’t honestly pick his worst and best exam at this stage.

“You never know how well or poorly you’ve done an exam till the results,” 

He has two exams to go they being Business Studies and Drama, both of which are subjects he thankfully enjoys. 

“My study has been consistent, and I’ll be relieved when I’m finished that’s for sure,” he said.