HSC high achiever

Laura D’Alessandro was one of Tumut’s top achievers in the HSC.

IT has been an intense year of HSC study for Laura D’Alessandro, but results announced last week have revealed her as one of Tumut’s top achievers.

The Tumut High School student finished her secondary schooling career with an ATAR of 85.6, an impressive band 6 in Chinese continuers and high band 5 in Geography.

Laura said she was very happy to have achieved such high marks.

“I feel really great! I was a little scared about getting a 70, as 80 was always my goal,” she said.

“I was so stoked at receiving a band 6 in Chinese since I thought it was going to be my worst subject, so that’s very cool. And I got an 89 in Geography, which I’m super duper happy with.”

“In the back of my mind I thought I’d get a 78 ATAR or something just short of my goal, so I’m very happy with my results.

“Again, definitely wasn’t expecting to go so well at Chinese continuers since I thought I bombed the speaking exam.”

According to Laura, the secret to her success was regular revision of content and actively keeping her stress in check.

“Firstly, consistent study throughout the year and making simple summaries to keep. Secondly, do a billion past papers, or close to it! I did at least a little, if not all, of the past Physics papers. Thirdly, it is so so so important not to stress yourself out so much that you burn out.”

The local high achiever was also a recipient of a cadetship with Snowy Hydro for engineering.

“I’m so amazed and grateful that I received a cadetship for Snowy Hydro. That means that I don’t need to stress about all the uni fees and debts, and I get some help with accommodation fees.”

“The thing I’m most excited about is that every summer holidays I get to work with Snowy Hydro at one of the stations to get some work experience, and in my fourth year I will spend the whole year working full time for them. It’s a wonderful program and I’m very excited that I’m a part of it.”

The cadetship will provide Laura with invaluable skills and experience as she undertakes her engineering studies.

“I can choose whether to study electrical, mechanical or civil engineering. I’m also happy because I’m very passionate about renewable energy solutions and helping with the change to cleaner electricity into the future, so this cadetship will hopefully give me the tools for that.”

The future holds many exciting prospects for Laura, some more surprising than others.

“For the future, I’ll work for a while until I can do engineers without borders and other aid work, you just need some money to do that.

“In the future-future, it sounds super silly but I really want to own an ice cream and flower shop, because who doesn’t like ice cream?”