Hume and Hovell ultra-marathon looms

It’s getting closer to the 100 kilometre marathon run on the Hume & Hovell Walking Track which is planned for Saturday, October 20.

It’s been given a mention on the All Over News on Macca’s  ‘Australia All Over’ program for the last couple of weeks and a more detailed account is expected before the event.

To date over 50 runners have entered the event and it’s expected that this number will increase.

Entries have been received from every Australian State and one from New Zealand – about half and half men and women, and half and half for the 50km and the 100km. Some very experienced runners are expected to compete – already one name has appeared and he is capable of running the 100k in less than nine hours.

Each runner will be issued with enough information to make sure they will stay on the track and let them know where they are at all times. They will be able to know the distance from one significant point to the next and the accumulated distance they have covered, e.g. When they reach CP1 (Check Point 1) they have covered 0.35k since the last marker and  have covered 22.20k since the race start.

There are six check points (Coffee Pot, Bullongra Road, Buddong Falls Picnic Area, Boundary Road, Blowering, Forestry Camp) where all runners will be checked.

Rural Fire Service and afilliated bodies from Tumbarumba, Talbingo, Batlow and Tumut will man all the check points and will check each runner as he or she runs through. The groups will be in radio contact with one another and the race officials. The access roads and radio contact have already been checked.

As a safety precaution each runner will be required to carry a safety kit which weighs a couple of kilograms that will allow for self administrated first aid and there is one point where there will be a compulsory safety check.

Anyone wishing to view the runners in action could do so at any of the check points at the Henry Angel Trackhead on Burra Creek, eight kilometres beyond Tumbarumba, at 6am for the 100km start, or at 10am at Jounama Dam Wall for the start of the 50k event.

All runners will finish at Brandy Mary’s Picnic Ground at Blowering Dam Wall, but the finishing times will be staggered.

The event organisers are appreciative of the help that will be given by Tumut Council, Rural Fire Service, Macca’s Radio Program, NSW Department of Primary Industries and Tumut Branch of CanAssist.

Tumut CanAssist will provide a breakfast for those attending a Presentation Ceremony at 9am on Sunday, October 21 at Brandy Mary’s Picnic Ground. The race winners will be presented with their awards and every person who completes the event will receive a medal.

The organizers of this year’s event are hoping that it will become an annual event.