Inquest into Tumut woman’s death to resume

The grave of Tumut woman Naomi Williams.

Expert witnesses will be called on when the inquest into the death of 27-year-old Tumut woman Naomi Williams and her unborn child resumes in Lidcombe Coroners Court tomorrow.
Ms Williams, a Wiradjuri woman, was pregnant and critically ill when she presented to Tumut District Hospital to seek medical help in the early hours of January 1, 2016.
She was briefly observed, given Panadol tablets and then sent home just 34 minutes after arrival.
Fourteen hours later, Ms Williams and her unborn baby boy died after she went into cardiac arrest.
The coroner’s court heard that Ms Williams’ cause of death was almost certainly due to an overwhelming case of sepsis – a serious illness, however one that can be treated with antibiotics.
The first part of the inquest took place at Gundagai Court last September, when hospital staff and family and friends of Ms Williams’ were among those who spoke.
After this stage, Ms Williams’ close friend Talea Bulger said that Naomi’s family and friends felt like they were “on a bit of a path to the answers”.
“We do feel now that we have got Naomi’s story across,” she said.
This stage of the inquest will focus on medical factors, hence the medical experts that will be called on.
Ms Williams’ mother Sharon will be travelling to the inquest.
“I am travelling to Sydney to seek the truth about my daughter’s death,” Ms Willliams said.
“I want to understand how a pregnant woman who has presented to a local hospital 18 times gets referred to the drug and alcohol team instead of a specialist. I want to know whether race played a part in her death and I want Tumut hospital to take responsibility for their role in Naomi’s death.
“We love and miss Nay every day. Maybe if she was listened to and taken more seriously she would still be here today.  I have lost my only child and grandchild and our lives will never be the same without them.”