John Casey the right man to lead Blues

John Casey is the new Tumut Blues President.

John Casey has been one of the biggest supporters of the Tumut Blues in recent seasons, sponsoring teams, donating wood for raffles, volunteering time on game days, all while watching his kids, Will and Matt, play for the club. 

Casey will now take on a new role with the Blues, leading the team into 2022 and beyond as President, after stepping in for Bryan Black, who stood down from the top job at the club’s recent AGM. 

“I put my hand up for the job because they couldn’t find anyone else,” Casey said.

“I love the Blues and I have a couple of young fellas playing there so I thought I would help.”

Casey said watching kids playing rugby league and having them involved in the club was his main focus, and he  was pleased to have a good committee supporting him.

“I’m involved just because of the people and the club. Playing sport keeps kids off the streets and gets them around good people,” Casey said. 

“We have got a really good club and a good team together in the committee and that is the only reason I took it on because other people said they would come in and help me.

“There have been heaps of people wanting to put their hands up to help, which means a lot for the club.”

Creating a club culture was also on Casey’s agenda, with the new President adamant the Blues could field five competitive teams in the 2022 Group 9 competition.

“I want to get the 16s right through to first-grade working as a club,” Casey said. 

“We want to see a good culture. We have already got 25 or so players ready for reserve-grade and all the coaches are locked in and we have a leaguetag team by the looks of it.

“All grades are in for a successful year. It should be a really good season.”

Blues secretary Rose McCormick was thrilled to see Casey stepping up as President, touching on what he has brought to the club in recent years. 

“It’s great. John has been a great supporter of the Tumut Blues for many years in voluntary role and it is nice to see him put his hand up to take on the role,” McCormick said. 

“He has the done the wood raffles for however many years. He has also supplied the wood for free, and given so much of his time and he is a busy man and runs his own business, and for him to give up a lot, and now put his hand up for President; it shows what the club means to him.”

McCormick said the Blues would miss Bryan and Libby Black, who were previously President and Treasurer respectively, and explained it was the current committee’s objective to build on the strong foundations created by previous committees.

“We are going to miss Libby and Blacky,” McCormick said.

“They have been an integral part of the club, and we will still see them on game days, but they have built the club to where it is and our new committee hopes to bring their plans to fruition and build on what they have established.”

With Dan and Ben Roddy joining the executive as Senior Vice-President and Junior Vice-President respectively, along with Carinne Maher jumping on as Treasurer, McCormick was excited for the Blues’ future. 

“We are all excited by the committee, it’s a great committee, and it’s good to see some former players like Ben Roddy taking the helm and guiding the club forward,” McCormick said. 

“It’s all about developing and growing the club and securing the future and we are looking forward to next season and enhancing our community involvement.”