Juniors continue to improve on hockey field

Clay Sutton gets the ball at Tumut Hockey.

C Grade

The C Grade teams showed off some great skills in their latest match. 

Mila Webb and Clay Sutton continue to improve, making great tackles and looking to attack when they have the ball. 

Everly Webb’s positioning was fantastic and Taya Flett showed size doesn’t matter, with one of our littlest players having one of the strongest hits. 

Billy Bathgate and Oliver Ridley combined well and looked to pass and promote the ball, with Billy scoring a nicely struck goal. 

Ashley Pearce ran the ball strongly and Toby Ridley has improved with his hitting. Isabella Dodd is getting the feel for the game, and showed she knows where she needs to be to receive the ball in space.

Lane Flett, Oliver Dodd and Kai Flew also played well and worked hard for their team.

Whisk and Dish players of the game were Taya Flett and Oliver Ridley.  

B Grade

It is clear to see the improvement in the B Grade players as they work into the season. 

Will Maddern led his team well, providing direction with lots of talk and encouragement for his team mates. 

Hugo Adams had a great game, making some great tackles and smart choices with his passing. Charlotte Kelly was strong for her team, carrying the ball into the attacking circle and creating chances. 

Culley Reynolds and Jess Barnard defended well, timing their tackles perfectly. Katie Jeffery was strong in the centre for her team, in both defence and attack. 

Paige Kelly again showed tenacity in attack and Gracie Massey linked well with her teammates whenever she had the ball. 

Whisk and Dish players of the game were Hugo Adams and Katie Jeffery. 

Quicksticks 1 v Mustangs 0

Adelong Quicksticks and Batlow Mustangs played an even match back and forth. 

The game was low scoring as both sides had a lot of talented players, young and wise. 

Mustangs welcomed back Carly Adams after a lengthy break from the game. Carly slotted straight in and created chances with her timely leads and strong carries. 

Donna Carroll and Andrea Glynn made some great passes through to the attack and kept Quick Sticks’ defence under pressure. 

Gracie Massey and Chloe Pearce combined well on the right and Gabby Hicks positioned herself well on the wing. 

Zoe Bathgate had a great game in attack and defence, working back and pressuring the Quicksticks attack and earning her teams Whisk and Dish voucher. 

The young up and coming players on Adelong’s side were Taylor and Paige Kelly, while Batlow had Zoe Bathgate and Chloe Pierce. 

They all made many speedy breaks through defence and had multiple shots at goal, but it was Quicksticks’ Natalie Wilson, with her great dribbling skills in defence, who obtained the only goal in the game, giving Adelong the win.

Wildcats 2 v Middy Mites 1

Great fun was had this match. While the weather was mild, the same could not be said for the play which maintained a relatively fast pace for the duration of play. 

On Wildcats getting the ball to the goal circle, Middy Mites sent it back the other way, earning themselves a lot of corners. 

This went on right up until Erin Tobin scored and then Maddi Sutton. 

Wildcats looked the goods with Jane Hockey, Alex Brown and Katie Jeffery ever dependable in defence and Jacki Carter, Will Maddern working the ball through mid-field and into attack for Erin Tobin, Penny Barnard and Maddi Sutton to follow it through. 

With lots of family connections in their team Middy Mites were very strong. The mother-daughter combinations were evident with the daughters embellishing their mothers’ best moves; Jane Arragon with very clean tackles stealing the ball on multiple occasions. 

When Pip McAlister moved into the forwards, she was able to score for Middy Mites. 

The Hannan family, Lyndal, Sara and Charlotte all played well, as did Charlotte Kelly and Trish Whitburn.

There is a bye for hockey tomorrow (Saturday) due to the long weekend. Hockey will be back Saturday June 15.

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