Khancoban mural a mighty community effort

The recently completed mural on the Post Office wall at Khancoban.

Khancoban is sporting a stunning mural depicting the community’s links with the Snowy Hydro Scheme.

The 13m wide by four-metre high painting depicts the construction of the scheme and was commissioned by Melbourne artist and illustrator Rebecca Page.

It’s transformed the previous blank wall of the Post Office owned by local post-master Ron Aarons, who couldn’t be more pleased with the finished result.

The mural which cost about $6000, was funded entirely from within the Khancoban community.

Money was raised largely through the town’s community op-shop.

An initiative of the Khancoban United Volunteers Association, the mural was completed over the summer, with the artist enduring some testing conditions.

The design was taken from various historic photographs and books detailing the construction of the scheme.

An image was subsequently projected onto the wall at night, when the artist got to work creating the mural.

“They were 40 degrees at the time she was painting, so Rebecca couldn’t start  until about 4pm,” Mr Aarons said.

“It took her about two weeks.”

Together with the recently completed rose garden and the announcement of Snowy 2.0, Mr Aarons said things were looking bright for Khancoban.

“It doesn’t look like 2.0 will directly affect us, but there will be a flow on effect and it’ll bring more people into the area,” Mr Aarons said.

“Things are looking pretty good.”