Lanterns light up lagoon

THE Lanterns of the Lagoon festival made a welcome return to Tumut on Saturday after an absence of two years.

Last year’s event was washed out, but the 2017 was a big dry, warm success.

“We were very happy,” festival spokesperson Cooryna Ackroyd said.

“We’ve had amazing feedback from everybody. We had a slightly different layout this year, with the big lanterns on the labyrinth.

It complimented everything so well. All the schools had displays, and even kindergartens and child care centres had them.”

When the lanterns were put on the water at dusk, it created a magical atmosphere.

The entertainment, including Fijian dancers Island Dreaming, the String Family and Shane Herrington on the didgeridoo, were very well received.

Crowds steadily came in during the day, but were much bigger at night.

“There would have to have been a couple of thousand there at one point,” Cooryna said.

“It was definitely on par with previous years.”

People came from far and wide to be there.

“There was a bus there from Queensland that was touring the region, and this was one of their scheduled events,” Cooryna said.

“Judith Pugh, a lady who is heavily involved in the art scene was there and she’s going to write and article about it in a national magazine.”

Saturday’s weather could not have been more different than last year.

“It was the hottest day we’ve ever had for it, but it didn’t rain, so we didn’t mind,” Cooryna said.

Cooryna said the committee had “everything crossed” in the lead up to the event in the hope for good weather.

“I was checking the weather every hour,” she said.

Planning the festival was hard work.

“It was hard as there were so many layers for a small committee,” Cooryna said.

“We have a committee of eight people, and for an event of this size you really need ten or more.”