Learning about big school

Scarlett and Sarah Miller.

Future kinder kids and their excited parents have been heading off to primary schools around Tumut over the past few months for information sessions on what the schools offer.

They have a big decision to make, and five-year-old Scarlett Miller has her priorities in order when it comes to what she’s looking for: “Painting, and also, drawing,” she said.

Mum, Sarah Miller, is taking a few more factors into account.

“We’re school shopping at the moment,” she said.

“I’m excited about her going into school, she’s definitely ready for it. She’s ready to be a bit more challenged and get in there, meet some new people and have a bit more responsibility.

“She’ll be able to use a bus which is very exciting. We live out of town so that’s one thing she’s looking forward to!”

At the Franklin Public School Information Session, Instructional Leader Fiona Bye said parents just wanted to know their kids would be in good hands.

“I think parents like to know that their children feel happy and safe at school, and that they’ll be in a learning environment that promotes that,” she said.

“So, today we’re basically outlining the different facilities and programs we run. It’s just about showcasing what Franklin has to offer within our Tumut community, and that our main focus is literacy-numeracy.

“I think overall [the kids] are very excited to come, they’re approaching big school and it’s a different setting to a preschool or early childhood setting. We find here that the children come really excited and ready to start their formal education.”

The 2018 school year starts on January 30, and schools are enrolling now. Kinder orientation days will be held later this year.