Learning with a difference

Tumut Schools as Community Centres facilitator Laura Martin at the SACC building at Franklin Public School.

THE Schools as Community Centres unit at Franklin Public School is helping change lives for the better in our community, and it’s facilitator Laura Martin wants to reach out to more.

“A lot of people don’t know about us and that we area free service,” she said.

Schools as Community Centres provides education for people who may not have access to formal care and also provides parenting education.

“It is about improving lifestyles and outcomes,” Mrs Martin said.

Schools as Community Centres provides supported playgroups for children from birth to eight years.

It aims to develop children’s creativity, curiosity, development, skills and knowledge through educational and fun play experiences. Each week there are different, stimulating crafts and activities for children.

On Mondays, the Wellbeing and Health In-Reach Nurse drops in and on every second and fourth Monday Schools as Community Centres brings its playgroup to Talbingo Public School Library for Talbingo Little Learners.

Baby Ccino is a supported playgroup catering for children from birth on Tuesdays, while  Let’s Play is a supported play group that encourages exploration through play-based experiences to assist with children’s education and development, and it’s on Wednesdays.

Gurinya is Schools as Community Centres’ Koori family supported playgroup, for which a free shuttle bus is provided to pick people up and drop them home.

On Thursdays, it’s Paint and Play, a supported play group focused on providing fun, stimulating and developmental play experiences for children of all ages from birth.

Mrs Martin has six years of early childhood experience and is delighted to be the facilitator of this Schools as Community Centres program in Tumut.

“I love working here; I really enjoy it,” she said.

“I love interacting with parents and children and providing a stimulating learning environment.”

To find out more ring Mrs Martin on 6947 6961 and go to  https://www.facebook.com/Tumut-Schools-as-Community-Centres