Letter to the editor: Council on the right track by re-establishing railway access

Sir, – Thank goodness the road access to the Railway Precinct will soon be greatly improved by the reopening of the Western entrance from Adelong road.

The present eastern access is partly hidden by trees and is confusing as it is shared with that of the SES.

Soon visitors, particularly with caravans will be able to comfortably drive through the area. (I first raised the idea six years ago but unfortunately was regularly stonewalled).

Now the site can be easily further developed as an all-weather market area and also, very importantly, as an immediate backup venue if the riverside sites become waterlogged.

Not only will there be the two entrances from Adelong Road but there is also the station road off Gocup road and the new walking-bike path along the rail line from the Butter Factory-visitors centre.

Additionally the rail line path can easily be connected eastwards to the wetlands and the river walk.

Later it could be extended westwards to the cattle yards, Jarrah Park (behind the golf course) to Broughton Street and then to rejoin the river walk.

This would be a non-contentious track on public land around most of the town and would encourage family activities.

The railway precinct itself needs more tables, power bollards and especially shade trees.

The trees that we established near the goods shed were removed by Council as they were said “to be in the wrong place”. (Sadly three years later there are still no replacements).

Yours etc,
Geoff Pritchard