Batlow bands together

Jay Tremblow in Batlow.

Kellyville’s Jay Tremlow described the scenes in Batlow this afternoon as firefighters and residents attempted to save the town.

“It was just hell on earth, it’s total chaos,” Mr Tremlow said.

“You couldn’t drive down any street without needing to stop for at least five or six spot fires.”

Mr Tremlow, who is fighting fires in Batlow to help save his grandparents’ property, has since joined up with Mitch, Phil and Reece Quarmby to save other Batlow properties.

“We were going street to street and just saving houses, Mitch, Phil and Reece have been great,” Mr Tremblow said.

“We have saved houses and we will hopefully save many more.”

Mr Tremblow, who said he’d helped prepare houses in the lead up to today’s unprecedented fires, praised the RFS and other fire fighting services..

“They have been absolutely brilliant, phenomenal really,” Mr Tremblow said.

“They’re getting around town so quickly and hitting spot fires and saving houses.”

There was one moment the RFS needed Tremblow and the Quarmbys though, with their shed at one stage at risk of burning down.

“I was at the RFS shed, hosing it down and was just going for it with the big hose because these guys are off saving everyone’s houses,” Mr Tremlow said.

“We have to keep working together.”

He envisioned a tough night ahead but is up for the challenge.

“I’ll be doing exactly what I’m doing now, saving houses,” Mr Tremlow said.

“I’ll keep going until conditions ease.”

The RFS suggests residents who have stayed in the town that it is too late to leave and for them to seek shelter.