Living Food Conference this weekend

Living food expert and CiderFest organiser Harald Tietze will lead the conference this weekend on the benefits of living food, including naturally fermented apple cider and apple cider vinegar.

There are still a few tickets available for the Living Food conference this weekend, which will discuss foods that are “alive” with good bacteria, commonly known as probiotic superfoods.

Conference facilitator and living food expert Harald Tietze said the benefit of learning about living foods is that you can prevent health problems before they happen.

“It will be a very, very interesting day, and I hope people who come learn why they are sick in the first place,” he said.

“When people say I’m sick, what can I do to stop it, they’re asking the wrong question. The first question should be, what is the reason why you are sick? It’s hitting your head with a hammer, and taking painkillers. Take the hammer away!”

Mr Tietze has been writing and speaking about living food for decades, and said he has always been ahead of the curve when it comes to the benefits of natural probiotics.

Now, food and drinks like kombucha tea, coconut water, and the dairy product kefir are all the rage in trendy city cafes – but Harald has been preaching their benefits for years.

“Twenty-five years ago I wrote a book about kombucha tea fermenting,” he said.

“We sold 155,000 books in a very short time. Back then the medical profession was worried that something would go wrong, but people in Russia, China, and Japan had been drinking it for centuries. Here, though, it was something new, and I got thousands of letters. Kilos of letters! Of people saying how good this stuff is. That book is now in 16 languages.

“Twenty-five years ago I also wrote a book about kefir. Kefir is the queen of probiotics. Then, a few weeks back that show Trust Me I’m a Doctor said, flush your probiotics down the toilet, kefir is the best probiotic and you can do it yourself at home! So I thought, okay, it’s only been 25 years.

“I wrote a book about coconut back when it was considered unhealthy.”

Harald will share his expertise in living foods, along with Belinda Rand talking about about sauerkraut, Jenny Brown talking about sourdough bread, and Batlow’s Ralph Wilson talking about natural cider fermentation and apple cider vinegar.

The conference is on this Saturday, May 27, from 10am, at the Batlow RSL Club.

Tickets are $50 and include morning and afternoon tea, a probiotic lunch, starter cultures to create your own living foods, and three e-books. They can be bought by leaving a message for Harald on 6949 2458.