Local muso makes a splash on Triple J

Local artist Andrew Wortes is excited to have his new EP SuperSoaker performing strongly on the Triple J Unearthed charts. Photo: Robyn MacRae

Tumut musician Andrew Wortes has been making waves in recent weeks with his new EP SuperSoaker rocketing up the Triple J Unearthed charts.

As of Monday, SuperSoaker, which was only released on February 21, was sixth overall on the Triple J Unearthed charts.

“It’s amazing to see it is number six, I wasn’t expecting it,” Wortes said.

“I just want to thank everyone who has given it a play or a spin, there has been a great number of plays and I want to offer a big shout out to all the fans who have gotten around the track.”

Wortes said the immediate reaction to his song has been positive, especially on social media platforms.

“The overall reception has been good and the feedback from people in Melbourne, Tumut and from the local stations suggests people are getting around the song,” he said.

The Tumut artist, who had previously worked with the band Tempus Sun, has since followed on with his own musical interests, which led him to the solo release of SuperSoaker.

It was somewhat a labour of love for Wortes, with the origins of SuperSoaker dating back to 2017.

“The track was written in mid 2017 and recorded in mid 2018 with the band (Tempus Sun),” Wortes said.

“After releasing another single, Stopp, the band decided it was best to go in different directions to focus on other projects.

“I came back to the track this year and got it mixed and mastered and then I had the arduous task of getting the artwork (and) after months of searching, delays and bushfires, I finally decided to go with local photographer Robyn MacRae.

Wortes had the shoot done locally, playing in with his connection to the region and the song has since gone on to receive rave reviews.

“I did the photo shoot at the Junction with the help of some friends and I’m really happy with the result,” Wortes said.

“I then released it onto all streaming platforms using Ditto music, which is a digital music aggregator, and it put it on 50 different streaming services.

“It was a bit of a wait but I’m glad it’s out there now and I can record some more music.”

Wortes had help during the making of the popular release, teaming up with fellow artist Koda, who features throughout the track.

“Koda was awesome to work with and helped me so much,” Wortes said.

“It definitely wouldn’t be the same without her help.”

Despite the popularity of the track, Wortes said there was still some anxiety that comes with having a song that people are actually listening too.

“It’s a bit of a funny one, it’s a mixed bag of emotions when you hear it played on the radio, it’s obviously exciting but when it comes on, all those anxieties come into play and you are always wondering what people are thinking,” Wortes said.

“I’m pretty proud of the song and it has been a long time coming and a bit of a process but it is a satisfying feeling and I’m grateful for all the help throughout the process.”

Tumut music lovers can get behind Wortes and SuperSoaker, by jumping onto Triple J Unearthed and giving the song a vote and review.