Lu’s book gets another look

Tumut author Lu Cotter with her book To Alphonese from the Duchess of Drumborg, which is about to be re-launched.
Tumut author Lu Cotter with her book To Alphonese from the Duchess of Drumborg, which is about to be re-launched.

TUMUT author Lu Cotter is reprinting and re-launching her book To Alphonese from the Duchess of Drumborg by popular request.

Lu was asked by readers if she could reprint the book after existing copies ran out, and she will officially re-launch it at Tumut’s Commercial Hotel on November 19, at 2pm.

The book, which was first published two years ago, is a blend of fiction and non-fiction.

“The Duchess of Drumborg is a non de plume of mine, and these started out as letters to a friend, (whose name was actually Frank and not Alphonese) who had lost his best friend, and needed support,” she said.

Frank passed away himself, and since then, the letters are obviously now ficticious.

Despite the sadness of this, it is written in Lu’s trademark funny style.

“All the stuff I write is amusing,” she said.

“Everything is so depressing, that’s why I write frivolous stuff.”

Writing has always been in Lu’s blood.

“I write prolifically; I always have,” she said.

She gravitates towards fiction, but not because she finds it easy.

“Fiction is harder than non fiction; you really have to use your imagination,” she said.

It is usually fiction with an amusing bent, such as with her book Fairy Stories for Grown Ups.

“I do dreadful things to fairy stories,” she said.

An example is Harry Barber and the 40 Bikies.

“I have a lot of fun with those,” she said.

Another she is working on is Death Gallops up the Field, fiction loosely based on a polocrosse match she watched 30 years ago.

“It was alleged that the dressing on a rider’s leg had been tampered with, and this caused the horse to fall, nearly killing the rider,” she said.

“I think I’m going to have to rewrite the last two chapters of it because I have been killing off too many of the characters.”

Her children’s books, like Tilly and Toby, a brother and sister tug boat team, are fittingly much less dark.

As well as being an author, Lu is a journalist and some of her works are of non-fiction.

“I wrote a gardening book called Shoots, Roots and Leaves,” she said.

“I did a horticulture course for two years. I remember pruning 300 roses in a day.”