Marie’s golfing success

Marie McInerney proudly displays her trophies.

THE 100 lady golfers who competed in the South-West Ladies Championships at Tumut Golf Course last Friday, Saturday and Sunday, endured four seasons in three days, testing their skill, determination and resolve.
Golfers were greeted with a glorious spring morning on the first day of the event, with the weather heating up as the competition intensified throughout the rounds.
A contrasting day of cool temperatures and intermittent rain challenged the golfers on Saturday, with many local ladies joined by those from Cootamundra, Harden, Young and other South-West towns, to battle for the various division prizes.
One Tumut lady, Marie McInerney played a wonderful three days of golf, surprising herself with her success, taking out numerous prizes in the division three section of the event.
With a golf stick in hand for the past 50-years, Mrs McInerney peaked at precisely the right time, after suffering a form slump earlier in the year.
“I am very surprised at how well I went,” Mrs McInerney said. “At the start of the year I seemed to lose my swing, I’m not sure why but after getting new clubs. I worked out what I was doing wrong and I was able to fix it just last month.”
Local ladies excelled in several divisions over the three days.
During the presentation dinner on Saturday evening at the club, Mrs McInerney was awarded the Jenny Leahy Salver, a trophy plate for the best overall gross score for division three over 36 holes on Friday and Saturday.
“I was very happy with the win,” she said humbly. “I shot a 73 net both days, which is one under handicap.”
Her strong performance may see her current handicap of 33 drop, a fact that doesn’t phase Mrs McInerney, who in her earlier playing days held a handicap of 17 and plays simply for the love of the game.
Always a player of tennis after learning the game whilst growing up at Tarrabandra, Mrs McInerney continued to play throughout her adult life, travelling in from her family’s Lacmalac farm to play with friends in Tumut and at Westwood.
“My sister-in-law, Dawn McInerney played golf and got me into it,” she said. “I had a couple of games in 1962 and started to compete in 1964. I’ve played ever since. I love golf and couldn’t imagine giving it up.”
Turning 80 in a few weeks, the twice-a-week golfer also tasted success in the team events during the Championships, winning the Ness Flanery Memorial Salver in division two playing with her daughter, Lorraine O’Sullivan.
Joining with two of her golfing friends, Naida Murphy and Marion Ross, the trio won a teams event, the Tiliston Cup. Mrs McInerney’s team mate, Mrs Murphy was also very successful in the division two category of events.
“I try to play twice a week and the ladies really are a great bunch,” said Mrs McInerney. “It is a social outing as well as golf. As you get older you need to do something to keep active. I try to also paint at the Five Ways twice a week as well, so I am kept pretty busy.”
The charity trophy, the Worner Bowl, will also have the name Marie McInerney engraved upon its surface along with another player from the region with whom Mrs McInerney drew in the joint score competition.
The Tumut ladies competed strongly across the three days, fresh off the back of winning the SWDAGA Pennant, all enjoying the Championships and eager to continue to lower their handicaps, playing the game they love.