Markets return to town

Shirley Thompson and May Doon selling raffle tickets.

Saturday morning’s Tumut Lion’s Club Markets were a return to normalcy for the town, after a solid twelve months of disruptions. The markets returned en force, with roughly 33 stalls and “a really good crowd.”

Tumut Lion Sue Franckiewicz said the club was “very, very, very happy” to be hosting the markets again.

“The community needed something, they needed to get out and mix with other people,” she said.

Last weekend’s market was a first for local lady Lydia Batten – and a monumental personal achievement.

“This is my first time out,” she said, “It’s taken me 12 years to get the courage.”

Mrs Batten said she was extremely nervous about selling her homegrown succulents, homemade zucchini and corn relish and a variety of jams – “all based on Grandma’s recipe” – but was pleased with the steady trickle of customers which made it to her stall at the far side of the railway precinct. Mrs Batten said she doesn’t tend to like being in crowds and appreciated having a spot on the end.

Along with Mrs Batten’s stall there were a spread of booths selling plants, toys, clothes, jewellery, fresh bread, garden equipment, hot coffee and more. 

The Lions Club hosted a barbecue and a raffle, bringing in the first fundraising dollars for the year.

“The community support was unbelievable,” said Mrs Franckiewicz.

“All the stallholders did very, very well. I’m very, very pleased with it.”

Because of Covid, the Lions Club hasn’t been able to hold any local fundraising since their raffle last Christmas.

“That was really, really good, but that’s the only fundraising we’ve had,” said Mrs Franckiewicz.

Council approval was received for the markets, with the entire area cordoned off to ensure Covid-safety compliance. QR codes were posted around the markets and Mrs Franckiewicz said the crowd was very cooperative.