Masks on as netball returns

Netball returns on Saturday.

The Tumut Netball Association will return to the Margaret Butler Complex courts this Saturday after a three-week hiatus and organisers are asking for players and spectators to be mindful of Covid-19 guidelines. 

Everyone must use the QR code to check in on arrival at the courts.

Also, everyone over the age of 12 is to wear a mask at netball, this includes coaches, managers, team officials and spectators. 

The only exemption to the mask rule is those who have a disability or a medical condition that makes it unsuitable to do so and a doctor’s certificate is required for exemptions.

Players and umpires are to wear a mask on arrival. After they finish playing or umpiring, they are to put the mask back on as soon as possible.

Reserve players are to wear masks until they are required to play.

Workers in the canteen and control are to wear masks.

Social distancing also applies and is one person per four square metres, which applies for outdoor events.

July 17 draw

9am: Court 1, Div. 8, Sunshine v Tiger Cubs (Sunshine); court 2, Div. 8, Panorama Ponies v Cherry Bombs (Panorama Ponies); court 3, Div. 7, Tiger Pride v The Unicorns (The Unicorns); The Unicorns v Live Wires (Live Wires); Live Wires v Tiger Pride (Tiger Pride); Net-Set-Go Skills.

10.30am: Court 1, Div. 6, Purple Thunder v Cool Rainbows (Lily Webb/Jodie Hamilton); court 3, Div. 6,  Strikers v Tiger Lillies (Demi Sturt/Bailee Hotham).

11.30am: Court 1, Div. 5, Elliotts 11s v Sparkles (Eadie Mckay/Jaz Crampton); court 3, Div. 4, Club Tumut 13s v McFlurries (Tahnee Bulger/Tazmin Makeham).

12.30pm: Court 1, Div. 5, Tiger Magic v Snowy Owls (Allie Piper/Sophie Ciganek); court 3, Div. 4, Savage Sisters v McFlurries (Charli Sturt/Jaz Aitken).

1.30pm: Court 1, Div. 4, Purple Reign v Murrays 12s (Hannah Collins/Abby Sutton); court 3, Div. 2, Carve It Up v Black Beauties (Chloe Turnbull/Molly Webb).

2.30pm: Court 1, Div. 1, Talent Time v Health Klinix (Sophie Buckingham/Abby Skein); court 2, Div. 2, The Dividers v DME 14s (Kay Dodds/Megan Gould); court 3, Div. 1, Divas v Goodes 15s (Taylor Gorman/Jodie Hamilton).

3.30pm: Court 1, Div. 1, Oriental Fillys v Batlow RSL (Charlotte Whyte/Leith Turner); court 3, Div. 1, Royal v Bowlie (Ella Day/Gemma Delany).

Bye: Div. 5: Hot Sparks

Please note: If you can’t do your umpiring, please find a reliable and competent replacement.

Canteen Roster: 10.30am, Cherry Bombs; 11.30am, McFlurries; 12.30pm, Sparkles.