McAuley’s Gogglebox spectacular

McAuley’s kindergarteners played Olympians
McAuley’s kindergarteners played Olympians

McAuley Catholic Central School put on their school performance this week, based around the popular TV show ‘Gogglebox.’

The concert featured older students as larger-than-life Tumut locals, commenting on popular shows as well as their fictional lives.

The segments watched included I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, Border Force, Little Lunch, Family Feud, the Rio Olympics, My Kitchen Rules, the X Factor, Channel 9 News, and the Block.

The budding actors showed off their comedic chops in ingenious skits – the My Kitchen Rules scene, for example, showed canteen ladies Sheryl and Beryl take out the title with “a couple of cheese toasties and a nice warm sausage roll,” before the hosts of the show and an undercover Matt and George from Masterchef got into a fight with kitchen utensils.

Younger classes performed energetic choreographed dances between the segments, with costumes referencing each program.

McAuley year 3-4 teacher Amy Buckmaster said the choice of theme was a success.

“We usually do a mystical or a fantasy theme but we thought we’d do something a bit different this year,” she said. “It’s a lot of work – it’s a whole term.”

Around 150 students took part in the performance, with buses of students from other schools in the region coming to see the show.

The students performed evening and matinee sessions on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday this week.