McBain hears Tumut issues

Eden Monaro MP Kristy McBain heard the concerns of the Tumut community when she was the guest speaker for the Tumut Community Association’s August meeting on Friday. 

Other guests who attended this meeting were representatives from the Tumut Regional Chamber of Commerce. 

The meeting was held by Zoom.

“We were very appreciative that Kristy made the time to attend our meeting and we had the opportunity to discuss our concerns with her about Tumut Hospital’s lack of doctors, service provision for aged care in the community, mobile phone and internet black spots, bush fire preparedness and pine exclusion zones and the lack of progress on the Brindabella Road upgrade,” Association president and secretary Christine Webb said.

“Kristy provided us with information about actions being taken to address some of these concerns and advice about action we can take to have them addressed.”

The Australian Federal Government is conducting an enquiry into GP shortages and hospital medical coverage and Mrs McBain is encouraging the community to make submissions to this enquiry. 

“Kristy acknowledged that there is a need for a different model of hospital care than the current one and she has engaged an ANU intern to research models in other countries and Queensland,” Mrs Webb said.

Mrs McBain acknowledged the issues with community aged care and has recently raised in parliament the need to implement the recommendations from the Royal Commission. 

She will attend the TCA’s Aged Care Forum planned for later this year which will provide the community with an opportunity to discuss their concerns.

She offered to set up a community meeting with Talbingo residents and Telstra in response to concerns raised by a Talbingo resident about the lack of mobile phone and internet coverage in the town.

“In response to our concerns about bush fire preparedness and protecting our town and assets with green zones and pine exclusion zones, Kristy advised us that the Australian Government has accumulated $150 million dollars for bush fire resilience and mitigation. She has been raising in parliament the Eden Monaro community’s need for this money and advised us to contact Dr Joe McGirr MP to lobby for funding,” Mrs Webb said.

“She discussed her membership on the Regional Australia committee and that she is pushing for the Australian Government to develop a regional plan which would include roads such as the Brindabella Road. 

“She advised that the Australian Government currently has no plan for growing and sustaining regions.

“Our other business discussed included the lack of public toilets between Adelong and Wagga and the association will raise this with Transport NSW and Dr Joe McGirr, Snowy Valleys Council’s responses to concerns we raised about the lack of public toilets at Rotary Pioneer Park, that the installation of new amenities will be delivered over two years and concerns about the condition of the toilets at the top of the Bull Paddock, that they are checked daily and new toilets are scheduled for completion in the next few months. 

Snowy Valleys Council’s response to our concerns about people driving onto the cemetery along Currawong Street and the request for a sturdy fence be erected is that there is a master plan proposed and Council are looking into what needs to be done to get best long-term life out of the current site and budget and a sturdy fence and other ideas will be looked into.“

The Tumut Community Association has invited Tumut Regional Chamber of Commerce to work with them to provide an online and telephone forum for the community to meet the council candidates.